Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Celebrities do I Look Like?

Okay THIS is hilarious. It's a face recognition software powered by Cognitec that matches your facial characteristics (from an uploaded photo) to those of celebrities and pick celebs that you look like. Check this out! My list is HILARIOUS. I can't believe some of the similarities once you put my face next to theirs.... It's great. Thanks to Izzy and Red Stapler...

Here's My List:
Hillary Swank (really? Must be in the eyes.)
Sam Neill (ugly old guy, great.)
Meg Ryan (A PLUS!)
Robert Schumann (WTF?)
JK Rowling (YEAH!)
Tara Reid (no, they didn’t scan my boobs)
Jaqueline Bissett
Victoria Adams (Spicy! and probably the closest match to the nose, cheeks, and placement of eyes!)
James Cameron (it’s the cheeks)


Random Girl said...

I came up like Kate Winslet...Sissy Spacek and a few others I can't remmeber....I kept doing it with different pictures just to see....Fun.

Tina said...

I repeatedly got Audrey Tautou, which made me very happy until I also got EDDIE MURPHY. What?!

Anonymous said...

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