Friday, March 17, 2006

Subway Wraps- Help!!

Okay, so with the whole South Beach thing, I have got to ask a question. I REALLY hope that someone knows the answer.

I tried (finally) the subway wraps and I have GOT to say that the wrap taste is FABULOUS and not at all what I expected. Usually when you make a wrap at home with tortillas or flat out bread, the actual "wrap" part is okay. But I don't like it when the tortilla taste overpowers the taste of the "sandwich" and I even buy whole wheat tortillas. The flat out bread is much heavier and cracks when you wrap sometimes.

There is something to be said the the texture, taste, and thickness of the subway wraps. they are fabulous. I really would like to know where I can get something similar, because they are so much tastier than the stuff I have been buying. Am I missing something? Does anyone know the secret? Please share...

I do know that they are wheat and soy, but where can I BUY some like it?
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Some Random Girl said...

Have you tried Pita bread? Similar to a wrap. You might like it!

dazed said...

I have had pita bread. It's delicious. But it is thicker and higher carb count. I would really like to find some great wraps.

Anonymous said...

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