Thursday, March 09, 2006

Go Greasemonkey Go!

Well, That's it. I have officially kicked IE to the curb. I give. I don't care anymore. I know that I will have to use it at work (to test what the entire rest of the organization and world sees when I design websites) but for all blogging purposes, I quit IE... therefore no more IE at home if I can help it.

I have finally once and for all learned how to solve the "blogger doesn't support categories or technorati tags" thing by installing the Firefox Greasemonkey Extension and a few Greasemonkey Scripts. Finally. It is working smoothly. I am tagging each post with one fluid montion and no cutting or pasting necessary. I feel refreshed. Tagging for both and technorati in one easy step.

I followed directions from Freshblog and I got Greasemonkey Extensions from here to add the tags field directly into my blogger post window and here to allow me to directly post to in the same window, after publishing was complete.

That said, Bye Bye IE. I tried three hacks in IE before deciding to hop over to Mozilla, and none of the IE Hacks were working right, or not working at all. What a pain.

Gotta Love Greasemonkey. Thanks Firefox.
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