Monday, March 13, 2006

Testing, 1.... 2

Ahhh.... The House is CLEAN! Tonight I was treated to dinner and a drink with some friendsm I loved having CONVERSATION.

Then I was able to come home and Install Firefox/Greasemonkey/Scripts on the final of three machines so that I can blog away with my new tag system. It's great.

There is a dog hogging my bed, and I am starting to feel very very sleepy. It's just shy of 11pm and maybe for once I will be asleep before midnight. Maybe.

I really don't have a whole lot exciting to say. I am not sure why I am posting really, except that I just got firefox and greasemonkey installed on this machine and wanted to test it out.

I am so thrilled with the lack of "running around" in my life right now. It's great.

I am in Phase 2 of South Beach now, but I haven't done much in the line of carbs. I did have whole wheat pasta the first night, which was fine, because I have been eating whole wheat pasta for a couple of years now. Then All I have had carb wise since then is whole wheat tortillas, which I used to roll up either turkey and cheese, or some chicken salad. That's been tasty. And tonight I did have a grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat toast. And this morning I had whole wheat cereal as mentioned before. So I am doing okay. Not dropping the pounds but CB let me borrow a new book this morning, and I should start WALKING soon. Although all that excercise Saturday did good I am sure.

Here's to a great night's sleep....

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Christie said...

ahhh sounds lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

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