Monday, March 06, 2006

This scares me.

What a bunch of Crap. I hope that this gets shot down so quickly and finally that no other states try this anytime soon.


Michelle said...

hmmm, I think this is the first time that I have to disagree with you. I am very anti-abortion unless the mother's life is at risk. Those are helpless humans living inside of a woman's body. I have a little one in me right now (only 10 weeks more to go) and I can't even imagine anyone going through with an abortion.

Just my 2 or maybe 3 cents!

[m]att™ said...

Riiight Michelle. I bet you come from a two parent southern USA family. I bet $100 that I'm right.

What if that woman was raped and the child is the result of that?

Or incest ?

Or forced marriage ?

What sort of a life is it for a child to live in those circumstances ?

I want to share a bit of economic research I have from the book "Freakonomics". The implimentation of the right for women to abort in the late 60's had a profound social impact on later years. In the early 90's crime was skyrocketing, as was drug usage. This was thought to be a horrible epidemic that would never end. Then, suddenly they started declining in the later 90's.

It wasn't until lots of empirical research was done in about 2003-2004 that it was realised that this was all the result of the freedom of women to abortion. Those children that were aborted never grew up to be about 30 or so in the late 90's, and since these children/adults would be more likely to become drug dealers, prostitutes and other criminal persons (as per the environment that a child would be born into if the parent(s) wanted to abort it and couldn't), the crime rate fell to a more natural level, at which it has remained to this day.

The research and science behind this explanation is covered in detail in the book, and I do not have to time nor space to dive into it right now. Suffice to say, the decisions we make today have long-lasting reprocussions.

Have you thought about that ?

dazed said...

That is interesting information Matt... I never knew that.

I for one am 100% pro choice. But I understand Michelle's feelings. But I have to say that there are a million circumstances and until we are put in that position, how can we know what another person is feeling? I can understand Michelle's excitement about having a baby, and that she could never imagine aborting that baby. But that is partially (mostly?) due to the fact that she WANTS that baby. If the situation were not as it is, your choice may be different.

Michelle said...

I have thought a lot about this since I posted my comment. There are a few circumstances that I think an abortion would be a good decision for both the mother and the unborn child but I think there are far too many people out in the world today who aren't taking responsibility for their actions and abortion is an "easy way out" for them. It's not fair to those unborn babies.

Yes, I am excited about my pregnancy and want my baby. It was definitely not planned - hubby had a vasectomy 2 years ago. Sure, I could've called up Suzie Schmoe at the clinic and had an abortion because 2 kids is already plenty for me but I am taking responsibility for what happened. There are others who wouldn't have.

And Matt ... I am from a 2 parent home but not a southern family. So does that mean I am $100 richer?!

I understand everyone has their different views on this very debatable (sp?) topic and I respect yours.

Guppyman said...

I support pre-conception abortions.

After that, I believe it is murder.

And Matt- I bet if we had a nuclear war, the crime rate would drop dramatically too. Should we support that too?

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