Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Call her "Miss DP"

This morning I was behind a soccer mom. But not a soccer mom my age, but one a wee bit older, just a half generation past me. You know the ones, and how some of them are still stuck in the late 80's and early 90's? Still blowdrying their hair away from their face (not feathered, but we called them "wings") and still (somehow) managing to find stores that sell tapered jeans and ankle boots. High Waisted Pants with a belt, You know.... she's just missing the shoulder pads (and she does have them in that suit that she wears on special occasions.) Basically sporting and hanging on to all of the 80's stuff that was so uncool we wish it would NEVER come back. Not the punk rock part of the 80's. The other side. The side that we would never be caught dead wearing.

So anyway, this soccer mom in a Newer Tahoe, just cruising around, her wings blowing in the car vent (sexy, eh?) had something dangling from her mirror (probably some old earrings she saved from her high school years), and her license plates said- "MS DP"

Now I tell you, I am sure there is an explanation for this. I am sure that this must be their initials or something but I tell you, it looks like this queen of the 80's is "Ms. Double Penetration." Talk about a Bad choice for license plates. I mean, granted, I was a kid in the 80's but I tell you, there MUST have been Double penetration then, and it must have been a well known acronym? Tell me that it was. Tell me that this mom can NOT be totally Naive as to what "Ms. DP" can mean to a soccer mom?
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