Thursday, March 02, 2006

Preserved in Plastic for Your Viewing Satisfaction....

Happy HNT!

So my bad for missing the last two. I was wayyy busy and distracted and then I just forgot.
So this time a little bird whose name starts with a "j" reminded me. Thanks to him or this would not be here. Now I have noticed a pattern of cleavage pictures, which I do intend to get away from, but for some reason every time I look down, THAT is what I see, and for some reason that is the body part that I get the most comments and compliments on, so It's like the old standby. I always mean to be more creative, Like Crimson or Melissa, but I always forget and just happen to need a picture at the last minute and I look down, and there it is, so that's what you get. Sorry that I am not more creative. I wrapped myself in plastic wrap to make it better.... but Someday, I promise.... I will surprise you. and as always I will include my original (below left) and a few variations. And as usual... click to make them bigger.... as if they need to be bigger eh?



PCinAZ said...

love the top!!! :)

Monique said...

Good for you! Mine are pretty big, too, and since you can't hide 'em, you may as well show 'em off!

Anonymous said...

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