Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am SOOO fucking bored. I told myself that I wouldn't post another time today, since I have already put about 8 pointless things here. But I am SOOOO BORED!

I watched TIVO'd reruns of Simpsons, Family Guy, and then the new episode of My Name is Earl (Love it) and after my third family guy rerun I was like, okay. Bo-ring. So I turned the TV off and opened up the laptop, put on the iPod. I discovered that you can't charge your ipod via USB and listen to it at hte same time. I also discovered that I like to type to the music. SwEEEt. I have listened to AC/DC Money Talks about 3 times now. I just keep going back and listening to it over again because I just need to hear it ONE more TIME! Nothing better than jamming out in my best hair band voice. And I have one. Believe me. The dogs are just sitting here looking at me. Once they get used to like the third time around they just sleep through it.


I might just have to listen to all their CD's and switch from "shuffle" to an order. Of course I load the ipod in a shuffle so there won't be a whole CD in there. I guess I could put my headphones on the laptop and then CONTROL What I listen to.

But the coolest thing about the shuffle is that I can hear Simon and Garfunkel one second, and then CRANK it to White Zombie the next. And then suddenly it's... Norah Jones? followed by Violent Femmes... and then Big and Rich followed by BEASTIE BOYS~! License to Ill of course. All though I have all of them, that's my favorite. The only person at our wedding who requested a song to ME was Cody, and he played Brass Monkey because he STILL remembers hanging out with me 10 years ago and jamming to Beastie Boys. I can't get enough of the "shuffle" feature. It rocks.

All the cool kids on the back of the bus. Sha la la la la la la la la.

A boring night can completely do a 18o if you put on an iPod. It's amazing. It's a revolution. But the smart cookies out there already know that.

Now if I were just walking on the treadmill. I totally sucked it on the South Beach diet today. CB convinced me that I needed to cheat for Taco Pizza. That was going to be my only cheat this week. I even passed up the whole box of donuts that Evan left on the stove this morning. Didn't touch a one. But then tonight I ate TWO and that's what I had for supper. Mmmm Mmmm. Back on the wagon tomorrow. But I love me some chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Yeah baby.

He-ea-y hey hey hey.... All the fishes love me, they all wanna jump on the end of my line.

Longaberger show came today, at least ONE box did. Tomorrow the other should arrive. I didn't get much of my stuff. I ordered great big storage solutions baskets that fit on the bottom shelf of the two side tables in the living room. And liners. And a small crocus basket. Yum. Anya was joking with me a while back wondering what would come first, the baby or the longaberger. And Ava won. I also got the Housewives Tarot Deck. I took it out of the box but didn't have the attention span to read the directions yet. Maybe this weekend.

It is totally getting nasty outside, raining and blowing and thunder and lightening. With the ipod on I didn't even know it was storming finally until one of the dogs jumped up and then the lightening flashed. I took off the headphones and got a little freaked. So I just decided I am safer here with Nine Inch Nails Cranked up. Ummm Unless a Tornado comes, but you can't hear the town sirens on our street anyway. They are probably 15 blocks away. What a crock of shit eh?

Sidewalk crouches at her feet, like a dog that begs for something sweet...

Since I left work tonight I have been like pulling off pieces of my clothing every hour or so. First I ditched the thigh highs. Then an hour later, the heels. Then it was my sweater. Then my underwear. An hour later my bra. Then my dress. Now I don a fabulous soft blue blanket stolen fair and square by hubz from a hotel in the UP Michigan on a snowmobile trip. It's affectionately known in our house as "the big blue." Now I am finally comfy. Wearing nothing but a blanket and an iPod.

You've got to press it on you, you just think it that's what you do it baby... It's Dare.

There is a finial missing on the end of the curtain rod and I know where it is but I half can't get it to stay up there and I half don't give a shit to crawl up there and try to attach it. Lazy.

I'm chokin I'm chokin on the smoke from this burnin' house...

Tomorrow I have to buy soap. Dishwasher Soap. or as hubz calls it "dishwasher fluid" like it's wiper fluid or brake fluid or something. And some laundry detergent. Luckily we still have people soap or we would be stinky.

Does anyone else have a crazy ass abundance of MAGAZINES and CATALOGS? I can not part with them. I probably say that like 80% of my purchases are from catalogs. And we are suckers for magazines. Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home, Cuisine at Home, Wired, Smart Computing, Maxim (eeewww crapola), Playboy, GQ, you name it, we read it. It's hard to get rid of back issues. I have all the Rolling Stones for like three years. Every issue. Hermetically (Sp?) sealed in a plastic tote. Ready to sell someday for hopefully HUGE cash. LOL. I remember when my great grandma went to the nursing home, my grandpa had like EVERY issue of Life magazine for 50 years. I remember the "JFK" issue sitting on the hayrack at the auction.

Have I ever mentioned that is where I first met husband? Long long ago. His dad was the auctioneer at my great grandma's property auction. Evan was there, two years younger than me in school, and my friend Jenny Buckalew was there and Evan to this day recalls that I was "mean" to him. LOL. Nothing has changed. He remembers it better than I do, so I must have been fairly mean. Or maybe he just fell in love with my long blonde hair and serious attitude and never forgot me. LOL. That was about 7 years before we ever met again in High School. Strange how things work out. My mom was in the same class with Evan's parents her whole life. That's how small towns work I guess. Speaking of husband. Is he EVER coming HOME! Argh! Nothing pisses me off worse. Nothing.

In the wintertime, when all the leaves are brown and the wind blows... and the birds, have all flown, for the summer...

Well, even though I am not the LEAST bit tired, I suppose that I should try to make myself sleep soon. Everybody have a good night and I am sorry for this worthless post.

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