Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Green Beans, a 2nd Grader's Worst Nightmare.

Well, today it was Lean Cuisine again. It actually tasted pretty good. I did need to add pepper and a dash of salt to my green beans, but I just can't eat green beans without them. When I was a kid the only food I despised besides celery was green beans. I NEVER ate green beans. When the school cafeteria had green beans on our tray, I used to stuff them in my empty milk carton so the nazi teachers wouldn't make me eat them. But then one day a classmate got caught with green beans and a slice of cheese stuffed in his half empty milk carton and the teacher made him eat it all. Gross. So anyway, I never acquired a taste for green beans until I was about 17. My ex-boyfriend's grandma used to make them all the time, and she told me to try them with pepper, and I actually liked them.

So anyway, I really liked the honey mustard sauce that the chicken was in, but I have to admit that it was once a gain chicken soup. Now granted, you don't want the chicken to dry out, but because the chicken is frozen, you have to realize there will be some extra moisture when you defrost and cook it. So really I think Lean Cuisine could cut back on the sauce that they include, because there is PLENTY of sauce. Let me tell you.

The beloved box:
Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken
with Green Beans Amandine

The real deal:

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