Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheater Cheater Cookie Eater.....

I cheated. My first real, honest to goodness cheat. Okay maybe my second. Okay my third.

Friday night I are one french fry from Husband's meal at Hardees. Okay maybe there were two... But I promise no more than two. Ask Husband, he saw me.

The second cheat was Sunday, when I ate a reeses candy bar that had rice krispies in it. Although I made the bar last throughout the day. I took my first bite at 10am and then walked away. I took the last bite at 9:30pm.

And today was cheat #3. I ate a chocolate chip cookie. And it was SOOOO good. Mmmm.... Cookies.

It makes me think of the Family Guy when Cookie Monster was in rehab, and they found a plate of cookies in his bed and he got into trouble, and then later he was in a bathroom stall with cookie dough, with a lighter under a spoon trying to make the dough cook so he could eat a cookie. Cookie monster abusing cookie dough.

But I promise. Those have been my only three cheats. Does that make me bad? Oh and if you count the time I ate a handful of peanuts instead of counting out 20 peanuts each time.... than that's a cheat too. But I don't count that because 20 looks like a handful, even when you count them, so I just quit counting.

I am a cheater. I've been caught. And hopefully after that one cookie I don't turn into a cookie monster. But the cookies were a thank you to my work department from another work department because we helped them get through a major project. So I HAD to eat one, right? Why don't people give VEGETABLES as thank you's? Or even CHEESE!?

But I haven't TOUCHED pasta yet. Not one noodle. And I haven't touched bread yet either. But those sweets.... that's almost too tough to handle. And to think that I started this whole South Beach deal right smack at the beginning of PMS. No wonder it's hard on me.
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