Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bead Retreat

For those of you out there who like to bead, I just have to tell you that I just saw the newest Bead Retreat Catalog (available in PDF format online here although I can only open it with IE and not Mozilla?) and I was seriously disappointed. I felt like everything in there was "old ladyish." Can they GET Any more Pearls? Ugh. I am not Donna Reid and I can only have so many things with Pearls. I already have about 4 necklaces, none of which I wear. Pearl OVERLOAD!

So I saw like TWO things that I even remotely liked and I ordered one of them. I did like the ala carte section, and I did order spacers and some charms... and a couple of their toggles, because I like their toggles. But it's hard because you can buy an entire package of toggles at Wal-Mart for the price of one toggle from Bead Retreat. And I know they aren't the same. But they work. And You can buy pins and earring kits and wire and crimp beads at Wal-Mart.... Now if they would just start sell their beads ala carte so I could have some of their cool beads without having to endure their ugly color combos and their pearl laden bracelets. If I went to Michaels or ordered from a bead catalog or visited a bead store, I am sure to be overwhelmed, but I am too cheap to spend that much on beads, so I don't generally order from bead catalogs. But Michaels would probably be okay.

I have to say that Bead Retreat is a cool idea, but after making one bracelet, and not even at a show, but shown by a friend, a crafty person like me is going to realize that they can make their own, much cooler jewelry, for half the cost and with endless possibilities.... thay won't look like anyone else's. That doesn't mean that everyone will want to.... but I do.

So I may have outgrown bead retreat. Without ever even going to a show.

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[m]att™ said...

Making your own jewelry is much more fulfilling. Not That I ever have... *insert sideways glance*

Why don't you just MAKE your own beads out of feemo (spelling ?) or the like. It's loads of fun and a good way to make money by selling them at fairs :D

Hehe, I'm so random.

P.S. I opened the Bead Retreat Catalogue with my Firefox :P

dazed said...

Damn my firefox! I get the first page and then Adobe Crashes and Locks up my Mozilla session. Hmmm....

I am sure that you have never *cough cough* made jewelry. LOL.

Larry said...

you are not going to believe this but when i was on my cruise i made a lay out of Kapui nuts. and if i do say so myself ....it was quite attractive.

Christie said...

I wish I knew how to bead or knit or do something creative like that.

Anonymous said...

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