Thursday, March 16, 2006

Database Dame

My OCD must be flaring up. I have created an access database that will inventory many of my posessions. I began with tables for my scrapbooking supplies and stamps, and then followed with tables for our Movie Collection, Our Appliances, and Books. I am too afraid to do this with CD's as we easily have thousands, and I back all mine up in iTunes and purchase strictly from iTunes, now... so I am not as worried. Now I am beginning to add things into the database. Item numbers, descriptions, model and serial numbers, book authors, formats (hardcover/softcover books, wood or acrylic stamp sets, and dvd/vhs movies) and prices and purchase dates/vendors.

I have created color coded forms for easy addition to the database.

I am thinking that this database could serve many purposes, including acting as a household inventory for insurance purposes. I am also a huge fan of paperless operations, and I have been thinking about scanning all of my paper receipts and getting rid of them (less to store and file) and keeping a copy on the computer as well. But this would also call for a backup copy to be stored offsite in case of fire or computer crash. I am trying to determine if I am dedicated enough to keep up a back-up schedule with offsite media if I am not dedicated enough to run the dishwasher and get the mail. However I could keep the database on my jump drive and enter new items in as soon as I purchase them.

I can also see this as an exciting turning point. If I can force all my fellow scrapbookers and stampers to keep an inventory, we could publish the inventories online in a giant database. Then when you had a stamp set or a tool that you wanted to borrow, you could query the giant online database and find out who has it. Then you could contact that person via email and borrow the stamp set. How cool would that be?

Oh in a perfect world!

Top Ten Reason's it's Great to be a Girl Geek!
10.You can constantly surprise people by your intellect.

9.Car dealers can't frighten you.

8.You can actually contribute to a conversation that isn't about cheerleading, hair and makeup or the latest soap opera.

7.Get to do really cool things like Con's

6.You can smile and nod with the best of them.

5.There are few of us, less competition.

4.You can still pretend to be stupid to sate "his" ego if nessesary.

3.You get to be made to feel like a goddess for just being "you" around male geeks.

2.You can insult most men in such a way they think it's a compliment.

And the Number One Reason it's Great to be a Girl Geek.....

1. You don't have to wait on "him" to get home to fix the electronics.

'SELECT boobs FROM under_the_shirt WHERE gender = 'female' AND size > 'enough' AND leftsize = rightsize LIMIT 2;'

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[m]att™ said...

That's a most hilarious line of code indeed. Hrmmf, maybe I should be looking for database jobs... I am doing a CSC (Computer Science) minor.

dazed said...

Awesome. But I tell you, I find databases to be incredibly boring. They work great, but looking at all that data makes my eyes crossed. If offered that job I wouldn't want it. It is much more gratifying to do web and graphic design, IMHO!


That is a great line o'code... eh?

Anonymous said...

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