Friday, March 03, 2006

I'd Be Pissed Too.

I really do think that it is unfair and if it isn't illegal, it should be. You should not be able to post someone's picture as the cover model (main attraction) on your magazine (especially if you are Playboy magazine)

I understand that "the people" voted her sexiest woman of the year, but that doesn't give playboy the right to snag a picture of her and put her as their cover model without her permission and in this case, against her will. To have actually asked her to pose, and offered her money, and have her turn that down, and then to still put her on the cover of the magazine.... That just isn't right. That is the ultimate disrespect, to act like you want someone on your magazine, offer them money to pose, and when they refuse, go behind their back to get a picture for the cover and act like all is wonderful, publish it and send it out to millions.

I am all for Playboy. I love the magazine. I read it, I look at it every month. But It really rips me to think that Playboy thinks they can put a person's photo on the cover of the magazine, famous for nude poses, and make it APPEAR as though that person might be nude inside the magazine. That's just unfair. It takes objectifying a female to a pretty high level, and while I am usually one to say "flaunt if ig you've got it" - All I can say this time is that I hope Playboy has to yank that cover so fast their head spins and pay Alba a SERIOUS chunk of change. And Although I can't see them pulling the cover.... I can see them paying... And I hope they pay!

Jessica Alba has repeatedly said that her dad would blow a gasket if she ever doffed her duds on the big screen. So it's a good bet he wasn't all that thrilled to see the cover of this month's Playboy, which features his daughter vamping it up in an itsy-bitsy bikini (complete with a subtle bunny in her d├ęcolletage) next to the headline, "Sex Star of the Year." But as many a disappointed reader has realized by now, Alba, 24, doesn't show off her much-admired assets inside the magazine for men, and she's now considering legal action over what she feels was an inappropriate use of her skin-tastic image (the pic is from the flick "Into the Blue"). The good folks at the Smoking Gun have obtained a threatening letter sent by the starlet's legal eagle to Playboy calling for the magazine to be pulled from circulation and a "monetary settlement" to be made. Jessica's attorney claims Hef and his staff have caused "immeasurable harm" to "her good name, reputation and career" with the cover shot, which he says was obtained through deceptive means after she nixed their offer to pay her to pose for its 25 sexiest celebrities rundown. The missive goes on to allege that the magazine's intention "was to create a false belief and/or expectation among the public that Ms. Alba voluntarily appeared in the nude, or semi-nude and that a revealing pictorial of her" was just a ripped piece of plastic wrap away. "Playboy has violated my personal rights and blatantly misled the public who might think I had given them permission to put me on their cover when I didn't," fumed Jessica in a statement (via People). "I'm simply protecting my personal rights and I hope that they will think twice before they try to do this to someone else." Playboy counters by explaining Alba was chosen because readers voted her the "sexiest star of the year" and points out that she's not the first big name to appear on the cover without posing in the altogether. That eclectic and often shudder-inducing list includes Jerry Seinfeld, Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Claudia Schiffer, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton and Raquel Welch.
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