Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cast Iron Sinks full of Pot.

So I had a dream (imagine that) that was kinda elaborate and freaky.

My friend PG died in the dream. I was so sad. I was there when he died. I was pretty sure he was murdered. I couldn't figure it out. It was at a party at this giant giant house on the beach. You know the ones, with like 4 stories and a great big porch that goes around the whole house- and there is a porch on all four levels. And white railings all around. Big french doors. the house was like white or khaki colored with all white accents and lots of windows. There was like a atrium area in the center of the house, like in a two story mall where you can look down from the top floors through the center of the house, to the bottom floor. There was loads of food. Shrimp. Veggies. Champagne and Wine. I was on the top floor when I heard a scream. I looked down and saw that PG had died and a woman had found him. First I thought that someone had pushed him over the balcony and he had fallen but there was no blood or injuries... He was just dead. By the time I got down there I couldn't get close to check on him and they were taking him away. But I had his keys. For some reason there was a black leather cutout of Michael Jordan (don't know why) on his keychain. And I took it and put it on my keychain. It's like I knew that I needed to have it.

Well I was upset of course. I went to his funeral and everyone was there but I didn't know hardly anyone. I felt totally out of place and really guilty because I was there and didn't stop it. Well then Like A month later I was in a college town, and there was a carnival, and it was like I had been there before, but it must have been in another dream because I really have never been there but I had TOTALLY been there before. I was with a bunch of guys. They were carrying old cast iron sinks- coated in white enamel. Don't ask me, I don't understand it myself. There were people chasing us, that I discovered were undercover agents for like the CIA except it wasn't the CIA and now I can't remember what we called them. They were chasing us and I couldn't figure out why and I kept asking the guys with the sinks WHY are they chasing us and the guys were like "we don't know" but then I looked in the sinks and they were FULL of pot. I was like HELLO! What are you doing!? (I don't smoke pot so I was just mildly pissed that they acted like they didn't know why we were being chased) and I was like DITCH THE POT MAN! (why is there always pot in my dreams if I don't smoke it?) and so we went into this white shed and ditched the pot and the sinks.

Well they kept chasing us. Then the guys were like "They are after you! They want your keychain!" and I was like "My KEYCHAIN? It was PG's" and as we are running around the corner comes PG and he is ALIVE and he grabs me and says "we have to get out of here" and I am like YOU ARE ALIVE! and he said "I had to fake my own death. They want the keychain and they know you have it." and then we got away. And there was this huge discussion about to happen about how the keychain contained information that the government wanted and PG had to fake his death to hide the information and then I woke up.

Needless to say this morning, I called PG and left him a message asking if he was still alive. I am sure he will think that is bizarre, but what's a girl to do? I never dream that people die, so that freaked me out.... even though he wasn't dead in the end. I haven't heard back from him.

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