Friday, March 24, 2006

It is NOT the same!

Dear Wendy's,

Since when does a taco salad have chili on it? I am sure that you have a good explanation, a reason for multitasking beans and meat and pouring it over a taco salad, but I am telling you, it makes me, the customer, unhappy and very uncomfortable. And the customer is always right!

I was very pleased when I went through the drive through for my first taste of your new taco salad. My service was exceptionally fast. I was given two bags. One contained my salad and what looked to be some delightful taco-ish prepackaged components that would make my salad wonderful. The second was a bag with a nice warm little cup of what I could only assume was the taco meat for my salad. I was so excited to see the two kept separate, I had been concerned about having cold meat on the salad. When I unpacked the little meal back in the office, I was thrilled that there was such a large amount of lettuce, although it was more of the icebergy kind that is white and chunkish and less of the romaine or leafy lettuce that I prefer in my salads (like McDonald's can apparently afford.) These were not the "crisp mixed greens" that you advertise and picture on your website. This was the white and light green lettuce in chunks.

I saw cute little sour cream pouch and tempting chipotle ranch dressing. I saw a bag of seasoned tortilla chips that were much like the HOT fritos. When I removed the "taco meat" from the bag, I was dismayed to see Chili written on the outside of the container. I thought "is this a cruel joke? A sad mistake?" and then I thought "oh no, they are just cleverly conserving out earth's resources by putting my taco meat in their chili container. How clever they are at Wendy's!"

Then I removed the lid and shrieked in horror at what was most DEFINITELY watery chili in my chili cup. Was this a joke? I checked my receipt. No mention of chili on the receipt. Did they REALLY was me to pour CHILI on a taco salad? Sure, meat, beans.... but it is just NOT the same! Different seasonings altogether! Oh the clashing flavors. Could I do it? Would it ruin my salad?

Well, I did it. And although the salad wasn't ruined, it didn't taste like a Taco salad so much as a salad that someone put chili over. And I had to very carefully, using my plastic yellow fork, siphon the beans and meat out of the chili container, because I was NOT going to pour that chili flavored water over a crunchy crisp salad.

I ate it, and it was tolerable. But it was not a taco salad. It was a salad with chili on top. Had I checked your website prior to purchasing, and saw that chili was the "meat" in this salad, I would never have tried it. So I guess it's partially my fault. Please notify me if you decide to begin selling your taco salads with taco meat, and I will come back for another try.

Meagan Johnson
Your Dismayed Customer

P.S. Take a taco lesson from 6&34, the bar in Sheffield, Illinois that has the best tacos on Thursday. Husband and I ate there last night and left fully satisfied. This was our second "taco thursday" and we intend to go back for more.

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Kristi said...

Yes, I too was sorely disappointed last year sometime when I tried their taco salad for the one and only time. I'm sorry, but the picture in the restaurant is what sold me on it. I thought they screwed up my order and gave me chili, but then when there was no taco meat, I figured out this was their idea of a taco salad. Unbelievable.

Hollow said...

Wendy's taco salad always had chili on it...Didn't it? Or is this a Canadian thing?

I remember I bought one and the chili didn't come seperate, it was put on the salad and put in to the to-go container. When I got to eat it the lettuce was all mushy and gross.

[m]att™ said...

Hrmm, weird. It's definately NOT a Canadian thing, being Canadian, and also being mortified at the idea of chili on a taco salad. I would go and buy one to try, but I am already sadden by your story, and do not wish to inflict this lunchtime massacre of food on myself. Truly disturbing :(

[m]att™ said...

You should send in that letter for real. They have to know about these things, so that they can hopefully change !

dazed said...

My friend Jackson ensures me that Wendy's reads my blog, so I am sure once they see this, they will completely revamp their idea of a taco salad.

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