Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thigh Highs in the Bible....

Okay, so, ummm I know I haven't posted anything quality today, but I am so wrapped up with the baby and taking pictures and sending them to everyone, that I seem to be distracted. And I ate taco Pizza for lunch and that always occupies my body for the rest of the day. LOL.

This morning on the way to work I drove past Heartland Auto Body and the guys had a remote controlled big foot that they were driving in the road, along route 6, and it was coming towards me in the other lane, and the first evil thought that crossed my mind? Swerve and crunch over the damn thing, compressing their manly ego's into a teeny tiny cube of busted plastic with an antenna sticking out. And then (even worse) I thought of how I would make it up to them and which one I would pick first! Oh. My. God. Hormones! What was with that. I am telling you it is these damn thigh highs. Not only are they comfy and oh-so-breathable... they make me do (or think about doing) very bad things! The propaganda is right! They are dirty! They turn you into a whore! I am sure that somewhere in the bible it says "thou shalt not weareth thigh highs. (biblical footnote ** especially not those with lace on top, they will send you straight to hell.**)" and I guess it is a good thing I don't live by the bible.

CB will want to escort me to church when I say this, but if I believed everything a controlling white egotistical male wrote or said in the heat of a moment... I would be in serious trouble. I think of all the times the bible has been translated and re-translated from launguage to language, and from time to time, and I know that I can't trust someone else's translation "opinion" of what they read in the bible. Of course, is the bible really a documentation of facts or is it just someone's interpretation of events that took place and their OPINION of how it was meant? I mean really. We have no proof. My mom always taught me don't believe everything you read... and to think for myself, so I am just being logical. So if the bible says don't wear thigh-highs, then I guess I would have to say that is not something I am going to follow. Just like the bible says (or so I hear) that homosexuality is a sin. I don't care what the bible says. If I want to get it on with a girl I will. And if guys prefer to love other guys, then all I want is for everyone to be happy. Because you only live once, and life is too short to be unhappy and never experience true love.

So enough of that Tangent.

I am excited about the weekend. My mom and I will be meeting my friend Zack. He bought a house that was built by my great great grandpa Hortz, and was the house where my great grandma grew up. There was a stained glass window in the front of the house that said "Hortz" and my mom has it. Zack is excited to learn about the "history" of the house, everything to who builit it, who lived there, the hardware store that the Hortz's owned, and the two Hortz sons (my great uncles) who were both killed in World War I and after that point had the Legion named after them in Sheffield, Illinois. So I can't wait to see the inside of the house, the work Zack has done so far, and share pictures and things from the house with him.

Besides that I plan on lying low at home.

So that's about all the excitement I can blabber about today.

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