Monday, March 13, 2006

Just another Manic Monday

So we made it through the storm. It wasn't too bad, although it was apparently scary enough to warrant a telephone call between myself and my friend Anya, who lives across town. We both hate storms, so we always call each other if we are a bit freaked out. Plus she is 9 months preggo and due and minute, so the storm was giving her mini-contractions. And it also made Hadley (our dog) pee on the floor twice when huge strikes of lightening hit the ground.

I had a long and exhausting weekend, although I did sleep in both days. We worked in the yard all day Saturday, it was 75 degrees! We cleaned out all the flower beds, raked out all the leaves. We cut back all the dead stuff and pulled the pond up. Last fall I came home one day and it looked as if someone had tried to pull the pond out of the ground. Husband said that it must have buckled but I think there was foul play involved. Anyway, it had been in the ground for I belive 2 years, maybe three years. And it was well established, as were the plants around it and the waterfall into it. Well we have to start from scratch this year, so we removed all the rocks and pulled the liner out. What a pain in the ass.

Then we cleaned the dog kennel and bleached the cement, and took apart the dog houses and washed them, and washed all 6 dog beds from inside and outside. I had to stop by work, and then later that night I was at Brad and Anya's to help Brad install his new Logitech Remote on the computer so that we could configure and program it.

Sunday I picked up around the house, did THREE LOADS of towels, THREE Loads of blankets, TWO loads of sheets, and other laundry, like two loads of rugs and one load of good clothes. It was insanity. I still have about 4 or five loads to wash. I was still awake at 3am this morning. i was so tired but I knew I had so much to do! I got up at 9am and called work to let them know I would be coming in at noon instead of 10, so that I could get some more things done. I washed two sinkfulls of dishes and stoneware, cleaned the foreman grill, emptied the recycleables, put away blankets and clothes, and picked up some more. I also hung out the rugs to dry on the drying rack. I am exhausted! It was a busy weekend!

So that's about it. I did watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy... and I TIVO'd War at Home, Simpsons, Family Guy, and that one new show that I can't remember the name of because I have never watched it before. And I also TIVO'd the end of the Banger Sisters, since I have never seen the whole thing. I watched the first hour until Desperate Housewives came on, then TIVO'd the rest.

God Bless TIVO and DVR.

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