Monday, March 06, 2006

Splendid! This Calls for a Sexy Party!

Wow. I missed Grey's Anatomy Last night. Why do they even put those damn awards shows on TV anyway. Are there actually people who WANT to watch them? I know I don't. Especially when everything gossip worthy is on the internet the next day.

Well, I had to stop by work Sunday night and then I went to Wal-Mart and Sullivan's to scout for food, and to pick up bottled water and light bulbs. Wal-Mart was okay. I happened to find table lamps (FINALLY) that matched the Mica Floor Lamp that I have, and so I got those. We had been eyeing them at Sears and Bed Bath and Beyond... and had some on our wedding registry last year, but when I actually saw them at the Stores, they were SO cheaply made it was ridiculous. I wouldn't have paid $20 for them and they were priced at $99 a piece! So then When I found two very sturdy ones that perfectly matched the floor lamp for $29 each, I was happy. Estatic.

Then I got lucky again. I went to Sullivan's for produce and cheese and fish, and found the South Beach Boxed meals (frozen) on sale. The savings wasn't huge, but about 50 cents off per meal. Then I saw the Lean Cuisine Meals (of which they have many low carb selections) were 5 for $10. FIVE for TEN DOLLARS PEOPLE! They were practically GIVING Them away! I bought 10 Lean Cuisine and 3 South Beach. YEAH!

And then I did some research. The South Beach Diet Book says you can have plain yogurt. Okay. Well if you look on the back of plain yogurt, and then you look on the back of Yoplait Light Yogurt Cups, the Carbs and Sugar are virtually the same, and are in fact so similar that I can't see what the difference is. Any Nutritional Experts out there? I thought all along that I could do phase 1 for longer than 2 weeks. I think that I can, but I am starting to think that I don't want to. I really really miss fruit. I do. I can't help it. And of course I miss whole grains. I have been eating whole grains pasta, cereal, and bread for a while now, and brown rice too. It's not so bad when you have time to actually cook. Like when I made a Grilled Tuna Steak last night and when I had a Blue Cheese Burger wrapped in Lettuce for lunch yesterday. But sometimes, I just want a Turkey Sandwich on some grainy bread. Or Chicken Salad in a pita. And CEREAL! I am looking forward to Phase 2. I have decided that Maybe I will switch back and forth between phases 1 and 2. We will see I guess.

The craziest thing? When I go grocery shopping there are two smells that I never really noticed before, that now put me over the edge. Donuts and the Bread Aisle. The Bread Aisle is like TORTURE. I have always loved the smell of baking bread, or fresh bread, but now, it's like too much for me. So if you see me in the grocery store with a clothespin on my nose you will know why. Mmmmm..... Donuts......

So Last night I put away Groceries, Situated the new lamps, and then Watched the Family Guy Movie. It was hilarious. Except that I didn't start watching it till about 9:30 and by midnight I was just about sleeping on the couch. I kept finding myself starting to snore. It was ridiculous. I walked the 10 feet to my bed and was out in a second. I literally could not stay awake.

It was a nice, lazy, stay in bed kind of weekend. And That's what we did. I didn't do dishes, Didn't do laundry. I did pick up after myself. Oh wait I guess I did load the dishwasher on Saturday morning and run it on Saturday night. But that's about it. And I did get groceries. And I did go to a 7 hour scrapbook day.... but that is an unproductive weekend for me. Laid back and relaxed. Which made it hard to face that today was the start of another work week.

I looked through the mail yesterday, and through my stack of catalogs, and credit card offers, etc. I threw away a bunch of stuff but did decide to join the doubleday bookclub again. I was a member way back when I was in college. The flyer they sent me had some REALLY good books, and when I got on their website they had many more. They had LOTS of books of erotica, which I love (sorry relatives stop reading now) and I ordered three, which I figure should keep me stocked for the rest of 2006. It made me think of a friend I have who also loves erotica, and my blog, you know who you are. We used to find good stuff on and send stories to each other.

I also got the Two Newest Nicholas Sparks (as I am a bit behind because I have been keeping up with Jennifer Weiner instead) and Richard Paul Evan's new one, as well as Nicholas Evans. Yeah, two nicholas's and two evan's. Strange eh? Just what I read folks. Can't help it.

Today I have had a comment from a co-worker that they can tell (in my face) that I am losing weight. Well... that is good. That's the third comment. But I am still at 10 pounds.

Yesterday afternoon I lazed around watching Wallace and Grommit shorts.... The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave were on cable. Sundance Film Festival Bests. I love Wallace and Grommit. I really love Grommit. You KNOW What a sucker I am for dogs, and dogs who are personified. So it was a nice way to lay around and let a snowy Sunday pass by.


[m]att™ said...


I was soo bored in my Econ 246 class yesterday, Statistical Economics, that my friend and we invented an entire government system. She was something, and I was the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Sexy Parties, a very important job I might add.

Thought I would share that.

Jackson said...

ahhh yes, a great site, and I still visit it quite often.

dazed said...

ohhhh jackson you out yourself in the comments! How brave!

Anonymous said...

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