Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It's a busy day today.

Yanni arrested for domestic violence, Dana (Mrs. Christopher) Reeves dead of lung cancer, Minnesota Twins Kirby Puckett dead of a stroke, 48 year old man arrested for soliciting a 15 year old girl for sex on my space (although it turned out to be a group of boys posing as a 15 yo girl.)

The news is abustle this morning.

I ate my customary fudgecicle for breakfast (no sugar added of course) and at work this morning I ran into a "blast from my past" in the elevator. technically an old school friend who I haven't seen it at least 6 years I suppose, and he looked so different, he was so TALL that I didn't even recognize him... until he said Hey to me... and I was like OH mY GOD! So that was nice. I have my initials monogrammed on my purse and he said that is how he knew for sure that it was me. That's the tough part. When you weigh 70 pounds more at 27 than you did at 17, you just don't look exactly the same. A puffy version of me.

I can't think of anything fantabulous to say today, at least not yet. But I'll be back.


Kristen said...

I saw that KP had died, but I hadn't read about Dana Reeves. I remember she had been diagnosed - their poor kid. That's sad.

dazed said...

I know, i can't imagine. Was she a smoker?

Michelle said...

I don't believe she was a smoker

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