Sunday, March 12, 2006


I have a few things to say this evening. Okay, tonight. It IS almost 11pm. Firstly, does anyone else think that after those two great weeks of action on Grey's Anatomy, things seem S-L-O-W? Like maybe the only goal of the writers is to STALL until the end of the season and make pretty much nothing happen? I want ACTION! ACTION I say!

We have severe weather here tonight, tornadoes hitting most of the counties AROUND us, and we have so far been okay, but there is ONE last Cell coming right for us, so I anticipate being awake for a while, especially since the lightening is just now really getting started. So all night there have been tornado warnings and storm updates on the TV interrupting my shows, basically just getting me all freaked out and ruining my regularly scheduled programming. So please send good thoughts that everything is in one piece after this storm hits. For some reason I had this eerie thought just now of what would happen to my blog if I died suddenly *shudder* How would anyone know where I went?

Ohhh here comes the torrential downpour. Just let me grab a flashlight... Okay. The TV still says "Tornado watch" so I am still okay. What I hate about living on the edge of town, is not being able to hear the tornado and storm sirens. Ohhh power is flickering now. Better publish before I lose this. Guess I will have to cover the rest of my weekend adventures later, once the storm passes.
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Ace said...

Holy Lord. And I was all pissed about the ice storm we had last week.

Are we all hearing the Wizard of Oz soundtrack, or is it just me?

Christie said...

Well, I don't watch that show... and where I am it's like 80 with like a million % humidity. Ugh!

Some Random Girl said...

I have thought the same thing about my blog.....fortunately for cousin is a blogger too and so he would probably post that I died. How morbid are we?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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