Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Say what you really mean!

So tonight I thoroughly enjoyed the Season two opener of "Mind of Mencia" with Carlos Mencia on Comedy Central. If you haven't watched his show, it's high time you did.

I love it. The parody trailer for "Wetback Mountain" Starring Carlos Mencia and Mario Lopez (who may I add is even hotter than back in the Saved By the Bell Years) was my favorite. It was hilarious. Not to mention the "drive by skiing" and "that's like going to a Nascar Event and running into the only white chick without a black eye." Yeah! That show rocks.

I loved the Age Police: The "Antique Roadhoe" (67 year old woman who had a baby and set the record) was hilarious. My thoughts exactly. How about the "1950cent" old dude at the club in the leather pants who was dancing with hot chicks and danced up on his own daughter's ass. LOL.

Looks like Mind of Mencia Season 1 would be a great purchase... it's now on DVD.

But I do have something that I need to say. Carlos would say it, and it has always bothered me, so I am going to say it here. WHY do people call MySpace a BLOG!? I fucking hate it when people have a link to their blog. The link even says "MY BLOG" and you click on it and you go to their MySpace page and they don't even have a BLOG setup. WTF? MySpace is NOT a fucking blog. Period. It's like a webpage for cheap ass people who can't design a website or won't spend the time or money to figure it out. And how about walking around adding celebrities at myspace as your friends? WTF is that about? If I go find Kevin Federline or Carlos Mencia's My Space page and add them as my friend does that mean we are friends? Do you really think that all these celebrities are like logging onto my space and going "ohhh, lookie! A new FRIEND!" Good Lord People!
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