Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz....

Fucking People! Sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions. It can be frustrating. I don’t know if I am more frustrated by my inablilty to clone myself be 1000 places at once, or at other people’s ability to think that I SHOULD be 1000 places at once.

Today, as an example, I was in a meeting, my phone was ringing through my headset (which I still had on) and I was being paged overhead. Ugh. What to do first?! Then not 30 minutes later, I was on one phone line with my headset, had my pager going off, had one other phone line ringing, AND had a person standing in front of me needing my attention. AND I had two phones with messages to check AND emails coming in. And I was the only one around (lunchtime). It’s so frustrating to have to tell people to wait and it’s even more frustrating to know that everyone thinks that their problem is the number one thing you need to take care of. And you would if you could but when you have 10 people who all are wanting your attention at once, it’s frustrating. Because you don’t want to be a bitch, but you really want to stay sane and keep things in order.

I need a shirt that says “Take a Number” in some creative way. I should work on that. Especially because I am so jealous of the coolest shirt that Nello got from Mama mama! How cool is that shirt? It's even cooler if you understand Nello is addicted to NyQuil, which I can apprecite because my husband was once and I had to rid the house of NyQuil.

So luckily I have lately removed the pressure from my personal life. I may not be able to control or stop the pressure that I feel at work, because it is job security and I love my job and wouldn’t want to lose it. However, I can control what happens when I am not at work, and I have determined that it would be Good for me to cut back.

Cut back on the computer user group, no more volunteering to clean dog kennels, no more fixing computers for the people who seem to spring up with viruses and spyware on every corner. No more. I am done. No I will not plan the 10 year high school reunion, especially because I was not even a class officer. (If ya’ll would have been smart enough as Seniors to elect people who would follow through, you wouldn’t all be calling and emailing me now to ask about our class reunion.) No I can’t join the community club because you “need someone creative” (read: need someone who will help put on the Easter Egg Hunt, the Christmas Light Contest, the Summer Festival including parade, carnival, and beer gardens) because I am busy. I am not interested in being the “go to person” anymore. I really just am NOT.

Maybe my shirt needs to say “retired go to girl” or something. Or maybe it should just say “Get the Fuck Away from Me.” I don’t know. Or how about “If you ask for my help I will go postal.” Or maybe “YOU are the reason people become homicidal maniacs” ??

So while I don’t want to be a bitch, I feel the overwhelming NEED to be a bitch and say LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE. If you want me to do something for you, just plain LEAVE ME ALONE. NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME! This time is reserved for my health, and my sanity, and my well being. Period. Now go away.

But I did get a little “award” today for being a star co-worker and helping someone. Of course now they probably want to rip it away from me. But I just had to vent. Thank God for Jack Johnson on my iTunes today, or I would flip out.

And did I mention that I opened my email to a $1052.00 power bill today? Yes. For Real. You Read that right. Just. Don't. Even. Ask. I have already gotten it "fixed" but that is enough to give ANYONE a heart attack.

Stressed? Me? No freaking way.


Random Girl said...

I love Jack JOhnson. I really like your blog. You seem pretty funny. I also like scrapping and stamping myself! I used to sell Stampin UP!

Michelle said...

Oh, hey Meagan, can you just do one little thing for me? I know you are busy and all but you are so good at what you do. Thanks!

I can see that this blog is good therapy for you - keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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