Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend Update. Without Tina Fey.

Sometimes I feel like the blogging world just stops on the weekends. I know that isn't true, but for some reason I still think about blogging, and about things to write about, but I don't always sit down and do it. I think it's like I am on vacation from thinking.

But as therapy, I decided to pop in today.

So Friday night Cari and I went to the Chestnut Street Inn In Sheffield (illinois) to have Moroccon Food. I can't spell Morroccannn so deal with it. I don't WANT to look it up. I am guessing that I spelled it right the first time but my brain wants me to add an "a" in there somewhere. Anyway, the owners were super nice, and the food was FABULOUS and it was such a cool experience. I highly suggest that you local slack-jaw yokels get on over there. Meals are served Friday and Saturday nights by Reservation Only, and they rotate between Moroccan (see there it is with that damn "a") and Italian, Greek, etc. I will definately go back.

After the dinner, I went to The Dawg House (formerly Ricky's and that's still the name that comes out of my mouth) and had a drink near my friends Josh and lisa. I need to say NEAR because Lisa was bartending and therefore not drinking, and Josh was drinking but talking more to someone else than moi, which is fine, but I can't really say I was having a drink with them. Technicalities.

Then Saturday started out with a 10am meeting of my sister Liz and my mom at my house, when we began our journey to the Chicago suburbs to go shopping. First we hit IKEA in Bolingbrook (to which neither of them had ever been) and then onwards to Oakbrook Mall and to Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Land of Nod, Bebej, and a very flashy-glittery-valentines-day-pimping Victoria's Secret Store. I had forgotten how extremely stressful and cranky a shopping trip with my sister can make a person. She can bitch, moan, complain, and curse the day into freaking oblivion. Although I love her, I had a headache the size of Russia and was about to scratch her eyes out by the end. Actually by about halfway through. NOTHING is perfect enough for her and NOTHING will work the way she wants it to and NOTHING is the right price and NO ONE's suggestions are even worth entertaining. She is a size Small or X-Small at Victoria's Secret and she couldn't even walk out of that store with something. The sales girls could overhear her bitching about how she couldn't find what she wanted, and when they tried to ask if they could help, she glared at them and told them NO. Then when one of them tried to speak up and suggested looking at the tag to determine the cut she was looking for, she said in the snottiest, most sarcastic voice "I know that, Thank You." And that was when I had to leave the store so fast so I didn't kill her that I about walked right into a man who was standing there holding a woman's coat that looked like it was made of Chow (dog) fur and I must have thought he was another one of those flamboyantly dressed mannequins. Whoops.

A shopping trip with her will prove to anyone that although we share similarities, we are in fact very different people. The highlight of the trip was my exclamation in Bebej that they have to "color code" their clothes so that the skinny bimbos can match an outfit. Oh and my idea (outloud) to take my picture on the bed in Victoria's Secret that also was home to two "hottie" mannequins with sexy lingerie and come hither positions, and a whole whopping bunch of satin pink and black pillows with phrases like "sexy" and "naughty" embroidered all over them in rhinestones. My sister thought that would be hilarious, but from the look on the face of the skinny VS chick, that was not acceptable. So I had to resort to sneaking around to take a picture without Myself in it. Oh well. I never like myself in pictures anyway.

I did enjoy the day as much as possible with a headache the size of Russia. When we got back to Peru, we got to go to the O'Brien Wine Cellar in LaSalle Peru, where my sister had bought me a gift certificate. She works with the owner and I got a neat leather container that has a Merlot label embroidered on the side of it, and I used it for my new sticks from IKEA, which still don't really have a home but are hanging out in the dining room temporarily (see photo on left.) I also got CHEAP ASS rails and hooks and baskets for the kitchen, and husband installed them today after my head nearly exploded with cranky anticipation. (photo on right)It's nice to have things at hand but not ON the counter, especially since our kitchen counter space is severiously limited. We also had supper (mom, Liz, and I) at Lou's LaGrotto in Peru, and had Cheeseburger Pizza with Pickles and Onions, and Garlic Nuggets. Yum. I love it there but it kept bringing to mind a recent episode of the girls next door (hence the grotto) - but my fascinating analyzation of Hef's Girlfriends deserves another post. Maybe tonight. remind me if I forget.

I am also adding pictures of the living room furniture currently, although the tables have not arrived yet, because we will be rearranging it again this week and I want this arrangement to be documented for posterity. Click on them to see them larger (the pictures)

Last night while I slept in the master bedroom with the dogs, husband slept in the spare room and my sister was crashed on our couch.

Today my car battery is dead and husband had to go get our battery charger back from my sister, who borrowed it a few months ago when her car wouldn't start. Don't worry, my car battery is always dead. It's brand new, but the key in my car won't turn all the way off, and if you don't drive it for longer than 24 hours, the battery will go dead.

So that's about it. I made Ham and Potato Soup for lunch with Toasted Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches. I am avoiding that damn superbowl like the plague. I got Baby Shower invites ready for Carrie's Shower on the 19th and now I just have to figure out where to come up with the postage $$.
That's All Folks. Have a Nice Sunday and don't miss Grey's Anatomy after the Superbowl. And Speakin of Slack Jaw Yokels, It's been a long time since I have played the Simpsons Hit and Run. Might just be time to go see Cletus. Or maybe I will just go take a nap with the dog.


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