Monday, February 27, 2006

Good Morning Maam, Can We See Your (cable) Box.

Let's continue the discussion about my day. No? Um yeah. My blog, here we go.

So after the weekend cable fiasco, The cable guys showed up this morning to reconnect us at the pole. I am of course getting ready for work, and I decide to go to the basement to the laundry room to scout for clothes. So I am in the basement, wearing black pants for work, no shoes or socks, no shirt. No bra. Topless okay.... visualize.... visualize.... okay are you with me? Doorbell rings. 2 cable guys decide that they need to come INSIDE to be sure that the two cable boxes and modem are working. Husband comes to the top of the basement stairs to get me. I have to finish the load of laundry I am doing, throw on my bra and clothes, run up the stairs and to the front porch. The two guys are standing in the yard and our dogs are having heart attacks at the front door trying to get out to lick them to death. So I let the dogs outside, and walk out and say "you guys need to come inside?" and they look at me (there it is, that YOU ARE AN ALIEN LIFEFORM) look and they are like "yes" and I said "sorry about that, I just needed to get dressed. Do you need to go to the basement?" and I realize that they could give a shit one way or another and they were already looking at me like my skin was green, so I SHOULD have said "Hey I was running around topless as I usually do every morning, trying to hang up laundry while getting ready for the job I work so that I can pay your outrageous cable fees and hopefully have enough leftover to buy an answering machine that isn't evil, when my husband said that I needed to get dressed because you wanted to come inside."

Damn. Leave me alone people! Can't a person get dressed in privacy? So then the poor guys had to come inside and they had to go into our bedroom, with the bed all unmade and a pile of dirty laundry on the floor which of course was **luckily** topped with two fabulous lacy DD bras. It just doesn't get any better than this. So I did the "sorry about the laundry" thing while I tried to casually flip the pile over a bit to cover the bras that I know their MAN RADAR already saw. At least there weren't any naughty things lying about.... if you know what I mean.

You just don't anticipate that on a Monday morning, two guys are going to knock on your door, while you are topless, and want to come into your bedroom for a look see. Now if they had been like "the hot cable guy" okay, but these guys.... the poor things. But they weren't exactly thrilled to see me either "that bad lady who didn't pay her bill on time and made me climb the power pole to disconnect and reconnect her cable" and "that bad lady who made us wait for 8 minutes before she would come to the door."

Well thank god for the South Beach Diet because I would rather go back to being "that hot woman on the corner whose cable we HOPE we can disconnect and MAYBE catch her topless and without a husband home in the process." Oh wishful thinking.


[m]att™ said...

That is by far one of the best Cable-Guy stories ever. Too bad they weren't the stereotypical hunks, that we all know you wanted, but they aren't usually in real life anyways.

Glad to know you have internet and cable now ! Weee !

P.S. You didn't miss much of an episode of Grey's Anatomy. My friend, Breena, and I were discussing how we think Meredith has turned into a slut. Not a pittiable slut, or one that you can be like "you go girl" to, but just an annoying one. We hope she overcomes this stage.

Christie said...

ahhh sounds like a pleasant morning- hehe.
I woulda been so friggin annoyed

dazed said...

Actually I watched Grey's Anatomy at my mom's... and I was also annoyed with Meredith, and with the whole episode in general. And with the thought that McDreamy might forgive Addison because she got poison oak on her twat.

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