Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thoughts for the day.

I Love Being Busy. Mostly. Let's rephrase that. I Love being busy at work. Although there are different levels of busy. I thrive on action. Although some action (like servers crashing) is a little too much action, but lately we have had just enough action to satisfy me. Projects and New things to test and implement. It makes my job fun. I love new things. New hardware, new software, etc. What is hard is teaching new things to others when they don't like change, and aren't as excited about new things as I am. What's even harder is learning how to unwind when you are busy. It's difficult not to carry "busy" over to everything that I do. I am a busy bee. I always have been. When I am not "doing something" I feel guilty. I need to remember how much I love Yoga and Stretching and massage, and things that are just plain relaxing. I need to indulge in those things more often so my head doesn't explode.

As far as "non-work related" busy.... I am doing better. I got both Baby showers and the longaberger party out of my system. I am done with the dog kennels and have cut back with the computer user group. the house is clean. There is still laundry piled in the laundry room but the rest of the house is cleaned. And mostly picked up. I like it that way. I did run around like a madwoman most of last weekend, with a card class at 9am on Saturday, followed by a stampin up workshop to attend, and dinner at the Prime Quarter that night- with some house cleaning thrown in there for good measure. Then Sunday I hosted the baby shower for Carrie, followed by my night of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.... so It didn't feel like I really relaxed that weekend, although I did get to spend some time in my pajamas, and sleep till 10am on Sunday.

I have been desperately trying for better posture at work. My bluetooth earpiece for the phone helps tremendously, as does the lumbar cushion that my co-worker bought me for Christmas. I will utilize that until my new office chair arrives in a few weeks. That should make me a little less stressed out and less cranky and sore after the day is through.

I need to start excercising. I had a meeting today at work in which I was discussing things with someone who basically excercises for a living, and besides being blonde and beautiful with flawless skin, she is in great shape and is very healthy... and it was inspiring to me as well as made me feel ashamed for being in such horrible shape. I hope that I can start to not be so tired and excercise in my newfound free time.

Treadmill here I come.

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