Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do you believe that the 62 year old woman who gave birth as the result of in-vitro fertilization and a ceaserean delivery should be given the title "one of oldest woman to give birth?" Does anyone else feel like those circumstances could be considered cheating?

I mean I have nothing against invitro. I really really don't. I think it's great that there is that option. But if you are 62 and you have 12 children, you have to start wondering if that isn't abuse of medical science. But that isn't even really the question. It's like she is being recognized for this wonderful feat of chilbirth and not only did she not get pregnant naturally, she didn't have a vaginal birth either. Strange. I just think it is strange. Will this be like the onset of a group of grandmas going out and having kids to try to be a world record holder? I suppose that only the insane ones would want to have a baby at 62.
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