Friday, February 10, 2006

Good Morning Vietnam.

Talking to my husband before 10am is like asking Freddy Kruger if you can file his nails.

This morning around 9am I was trying to get out of him where he put his paycheck so I could put it in the bank account, and he rolled over and pointed at his slippers on the floor and said "it's down there." I looked at his slippers. I looked inside his slippers. I was like "ummm, Ev, no it's not." So I did the hand on the shoulder, soft spoken nice voice... "Evan, where is your check?" and he growled and mumbled and something that sounded like "I put the gas cap on the floor but Kyle ran over it!" and I was trying to rub his shoulder and get him awake and I gave him a soft little shake and he GROWLED AT me "Don't SHAKE me!" and I then decided that this nicey nice crap wasn't working. So I said in my firm, angry wife voice "Evan, wake up right now and tell me where your check is." and he sat up in bed, looked at the clock, and gave me specific directions as to where it was. Jeez! No more Mr. Nice Guy.

So my day began wonderfully. I have so much to do this weekend it boggles my mind and puts me into overdrive.

Last night Evan gave me my early V-day gift, little diamond earrings, white gold and square shaped. I love them. They were on my "list" if you remember correctly. The coolest thing about them is that they backs just snap on, but you can only get them off if you unscrew them, so that you don't accidentally lose one. That's cool. I am wearing them in my second holes.

I had ordered "guitar Hero" for PS2 for him. He has been talking about it for MONTHS and calling around trying to find a copy but they are all sold out. So I ordered one online for him and it is being shipped, and he comes home last night and says "did you get me anything for V-day" and I said Yes, why. And he said "what did you get me" and as soon as he said that I knew that he had been to the mall and bought that damned Guitar Hero game for himself. Sure enough. I said "Don't even open the box, it is going back... because I had to pay shipping on the other one and I am not going to pay shipping to send it back." So he was all disappointed that he had "guitar hero" right in his paws and couldn't play it. Awwww... So sad.

So tonight I take Anya's baby bouncer back to Penneys and pick up a different one for her at Target, and then I return guitar hero to EB Games. Neither one of those stores better give me the "let's put this money on a gift card" crap because I have the receipts for both of them. Unless they want me to go postal in their stores. I hate that crap.

So that's the story of my morning, and I have so much more to do I can hardly bear it.


Laurie said...

You got bling for VD? Cool ;-)

Hey, thanks for the link - it always gives me warm fuzzies when I see myself on someone's bloglist and wasn't expecting it!

Like your blog and I just bid to be your renter.. :-)

Kristen said...

earrings sound really nice!!

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