Thursday, February 02, 2006


7:30 or 8am
Alarm Goes Off

8:00 till 8:30 or 9am
Snooze Alarm.
Get up and go to the bathroom
Crawl Back into Bed
Snooze Some more
Tell the dogs to be quiet.
8:30 till 9am
Get out of bed.
Assess Degree of Dog whining
Let Dogs out (or not)
Take a Shower (or wet down hair if Bath night before)
9am till 9:15am
Assess Degree of Dog whining
Let Dogs out (or not)
Brush Teeth
Moisturize and Apply Makeup
Dry Hair with Head Upside Down
Plug in Straightening Iron
Get Dressed
Assess Degree of Dog whining
Let Dogs out (or not)
Straighten Hair Quickly
Apply Earrings, Wedding Ring, any other jewels
Let dogs out if they haven’t been let out in previous three assesments
Apply Shoes and Socks
Confine Dogs to Kennel or Front porch for the day
9:15 to 9:30am
Round up Purse and anything else that needs to go to work
Go to Car
Stop at Bank, Post Office, etc.
Drive to work
Drive around work parking lot for 10 minutes to look for parking space
Park Illegally
Walk the 243 miles across a road and two parking lots to get to work
Wait 5 minutes for slowest elevator in the world
Stop on 3 other floors to let others off and on
Arrive in my office, clock in
11:30ish to 2:00ish
(depending on the day) 30 minute Lunch
Afternoon till 6pm, occasionally 6:30 or 7pm
6:00ish or 7:00ish
Ride the elevator down
Walk 243 miles back to car, one of 3 left in the lot
Drive Home
Potential stops at Wal-Mart or to get gas
Arrive Home
Park Car
Enter House
Tear off constrictive work attire
Let dogs outside and then feed/water them
Start Supper
7:30 or 8ish
Eat Supper
Clean Up Supper
8ish till midnight
Clean up house
Work on someone’s computer
Let Dogs Outside
Ban dogs to porch for night with their beds
Go to bed
Watch TV or Read book
Midnight till 2am
Fall Asleep
Get up to pee



Heya dazed! Just a note to let you know my blog is up for rent, and as promised I will let you have it! It is under personal diary if you are still interested! Thanks from the crazy hippychic!

Nixxie said...

okay, you crack me up.

I hope you don't mind but I added you to my growing list of blogs.

Kristen said...

Why so many asses?

Sorry - I just had to get you on that one.... :)

dazed said...

ohhh clever. I never even noticed. I totally need spell check. I guess that is why you shouldn't copy and paste a mistake over and over LOL

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