Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My 80's Alter Ego?

Well, this 80's alter ego thing is everywhere.... Mama Mama, Kristen, Wizzy. Okay fine. So My biggest gripe was that there is no way I could pick one that no one else has used. But I will do it anyway.

I don't know if anyone has used this one, but she is me, so I will pick her.

Lori Singer as Ariel in Footloose.

I am mouthy and I can be a royal bitch.
I'm a smart ass.
I have total opinions about everything and I make them known.
I disagreed with everything my dad said.
A goody goody that did things just to rebel (although not a preacher's daughter)
My parents were fairly strict with me (curfew, rules, etc)
I went to church and sang in the choir
I always had a "cause" of the moment (hence the dance, and Ren)
I had a crappy, mean, loser boyfriend who hit me. And I did hit him back.
I had sex in the woods (sorry adult visitors who are related to me)
The end of my high school career I found a boyfriend that I liked much better (and one day married)
I love Kevin Bacon and I loved loved loved Chris Penn in that movie
I was a country girl with a rock and roll attitude
We drove tractors to school and grew up on the farm

And I LOVE to Dance!!!

Where is she now? (new for Izzy) Well, she is at of course!

Oh and I did mention in my comments that I have always been a footloose fan.... And Several years ago I went to see Footloose the musical and loved it. Evan and Angela, and Angela's mom Joan, all went too. Probably the number one songs in my iPod that would make me dance no matter where I was? Anything from the footloose soundtrack. Totally. Footloose is the song that I freak out and dance to behind closed doors. Visualize.... Yes I'll leave you to ponder that.


Kristen said...

Impressive. Lori Singer.

Let's hear it for the boy...

Sadly, I know that WHOLE album...

IzzyMom said...

Yeaahaaa! Good one! But yet another 80's casualty, along with Mista Jake Ryan. Whatever happened to this chick????

PS: I thought you'd pick Baby from Dirty Dancing ;-)

dazed said...

Oh my god Izzy, that's funny because I almost did Pick Baby- because of going for the "Tough guy" and standing up for what I believe in, but she was so much RICHER than me and did the whole vacation thing... I just couldn't fit it 100%

Ha ha

And I do have Footloose and Dirty Dancing on DVD, VHS, and both soundtracks on Cassette and Itunes.

jackson said...

Sean Penn was not in Footloose, his brother Chris Penn who recently died was

dazed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dazed said...

I can't believe I mis-typed that. When he died, I was the only one in a 500 mile radius that even knew who he was. My mom and sister were calling me to ask who he was and I was like HELLO! Willard in Footloose.... and he was in Reservoir Dogs. And then I go and type in the wrong name when blogging. Figures.

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