Thursday, February 23, 2006

Make My Day

About two years ago, the bypass humidifier that is attached to our furnace went bad. We replaced it with a new Aprilaire model. Living in a house with the humidifier is a GODSEND for someone like me with eczema... and it is a huge change from my parents house, which had a woodburner for it's main source of heat (dry air.)

So when our house got remodeled, the guys who were doing the work, lost or threw away the knob to the humidifier's thermostat. Ugh. I was so upset. I know that to those guys, it seemed minor, but to me it was like a mass casualty. I was so upset. Today I FINALLY got around to calling Aprilaire and got routed to their tech support, where I was greeted my Megan, who was SUPER SUPER nice and pleasant to talk to.

Megan had a spare knob in her parts box (doesn't that sound dirty when I type it?) and she mailed it out to me free of charge. So I am so so excited and a huge chunk of stress just detached itself from my body and floated away. Ahhh.... And she even asked me if it was a white or off white knob so it would match- now THAT is a woman after my own heart. She laughed when I told her that I have been using a pair of pliers to adjust the humidifier. LOL.

So thanks to Megan and Aprilaire, my day has officially been made.

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