Tuesday, February 21, 2006

High in the sky Infinity Pie Hopes

Blog explosion has been not going my way. I have no problem getting renters. And I have never had problems buying space on a blog, until now. In the past three days I have been denied 5 times. WTF? Am I THAT bad? Am I too opinionated? Too cranky? Is it the cussing? The pornography? My blatant honesty? Too many pictures? Inability to load on dial-up? Who the fuck knows. (see more cursing)

But I did find a blog today when looking for places to "rent" and I loved it. Instantly. The Template. She is also a Saggitarius. She is also in IT/Web and graphic design. SHE EVEN HAS TWO HOUNDS! Just like little ol me! Wow! She is slightly older than me but she still seems as cool as me, which is a plus. I like to hang out at places where I feel like I belong. I really hope that she picks me. But in all liklihood, she is probably way cool enough to get lots of renters wanting to be picked, and when she gets here and finds out that I say the F word, and that I am cranky and opinionated, and that I participate in HNT, and that I have too many freaky graphics and my sidebar is too long.... she will certainly axe me. But I will sit here with my eyes and fingers and toes crossed until then.


Kristen said...

I usually get denied A TON. But this past time, I got picked right away.

You can just never tell. I think you're great - don't take offense kiddo!

IzzyMom said...

I've been denied twice. Denied, I say! Once was by someone whose site I visit all the time. I'm crushed! Okay...maybe I'm being dramatic but I'm a bit perplexed. We're such a good fit. Oh well...maybe next time, right?

pie said...

Hey, thanks for the plug =) I hope you enjoy your stay over on my blog. And by the way, cranky and opinionated are good things.

And as for the renting thing, I think everyone gets turned down a lot. I get denied way more often than not. And I'm not even discussing the humiliation of Battle of the Blogs.

justdawn said...

I get denied all.the.time.

It really bothers me when it is one of my favourite blogs who turn me down, but such is life...

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