Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Looks can be deceiving.

I am alive.

I have on clothes. My dress pants do have an elastic waistband and I am wearing a cozy sweater. But I also have sexy dangly earrings, my hair all done nice, and boots with heels. It's an accomplishment. I even have a cleavage bearing shirt under my sweater. So I LOOK alive even if I don't feel 100% alive. Which is good. Looks can be deceiving.

I am about 87% through the book "American Girls About Town" and all of you women 20s-40s out there NEED TO READ IT because it is a collection of short stories by what are known as "chick-lit" authors and it has gotten my ass through not feeling well. It is great.

Yesterday I took a bubble bath. Today I took a bubble bath. In between that I took a 5 hour nap from 4pm till 9pm yesterday, during which our home phone rang EXACTLY 18 times. Right next to my head. It was not so fabulous. Eventually I turned the ringer off, but then only one more person called. I ran the dishwasher. I made chicken salad. I folded clothes and put them away. I watched Tivo'd reruns of family guy and new episodes of the Dog Whisperer. Then I decided at 11pm that I should be walking my dogs. JUST as I was about to get off the couch and commence with the midnight walking, husband reminded me that it was 27 degrees outside and it wasn't ideal walking weather, but that he wasn't trying to stand in my way. I readjusted my afghan and we settled in to watch "Without a Paddle" with Seth Green and that other guy from Scream. It was a good movie. As far as 20 something comedies goes. Worth borrowing or MAYBE renting. Probably not really worth a theatre visit.

Then I read my book and went to sleep around 2am.

Highly eventful. It's not to exciting when all you have to blog about are naps.


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