Friday, February 03, 2006


For some reason when I read this, all I can think about is Supervelma over at Snozberries.


Amy said...

Love your blog, I have to admit I hadn't seen it before you put a bid in over at Rent My Blog... I wish I had found it much sooner it's really great!

Anyway, I've accepted your bid and will pimp your blog in my post tomorrow!!

Wishing you LOADS of clicks!


dazed said...

Thanks Amy! Glad you stopped by!

mrshellonheels said...

Hi! Nice blog, Kshippychic sent me :)

TotalChaos said...

I don't work, so can't get fired for blogging, heh. Here from, kshippychic.

C-8 said...

If I thought anyone at my work knew what a blog was, I'd print full names, addresses and pictures in order to get fired!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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