Monday, February 13, 2006


So I bought a new hairdryer. A hairdryer is a major purchase for me. I have very very very thick straight hair. Very thick. As in "takes 15 minutes to dry my hair" thick. And as I grow it out again, it just takes longer. Growing up I had LONG LONG hair, down to my butt, and I remember each night being bathtime and my sister and I taking turns having my mom or dad brush and dry our hair for us. When we were little, my sister was blonde like me. But as she got older her hair turned brown.

So the hairdryer that I had was a travel hairdryer. I bought it on clearance one year. I loved it because the handle folds up so it gets really small and fits into a suitcase nicely, and it has an extra long cord, and most importantly, it was 1875 watts. When I purchased it, it was almost impossible to find an 1875 watt hairdryer. And more importantly, it is a Revlon. Revlon is the only hairdryer manufacturer that you can find (other than brands at a beauty supply store) that WORKS. I mean that has POWER. Can you hear my tim the toolman taylor grunt? MORE POWER BABY! Conair hairdryers are crap.

Recently the travel hairdryer is "going south" and it will either shut itself off or kick itself down to low gear, taking longer to get me out the door in the morning. Husband keeps hearing my curse at the hairdryer, and he recommended a new one. I just kept saying "i know, i know" and putting it off. Then I had a horrifying vision of my hairdryer not working at ALL and me having to go to work WITHOUT MY HAIR DONE! Ahhhh! Nightmare. SO last night I started hairdryer shopping.

I was overwhelmed with the 1875 Watt options at Wal-Mart. There were actually 3 Revlons with 1875 watts. Apparently everyone has abandoned the "cord keeper" design because there were none of those, and that is what I wanted to get, but I won't sacrifice brand and 1875 watts for a cord keeper. Although husband hates my hairdryer cord when I don't "wrap it up."

So I got the hairdryer home and this morning I got to use it for the first time. Holy Hello Hairdryer. It KICKS ASS! Now, I know that most of you (including men) are going HOW can you spend an entire post about a fucking hairdryer?? But let me tell you, WOW.

It has a high and low speed and for the first time ever, THREE temps. Cool, Warm, and Hot. And a Cool shot button. AND coolest of all? Sensor technology that you can switch on or off. What I like is that if you have the sensor technology on, and you turn the hairdryer ON, when you pick up the dryer it turns on, and when you set it down it turns itself OFF. how cool is that? Awesome. It's like the tech geek's hairdryer. I am still getting used to the sleek rocker switches, I seem to grip the Handle for dear life, and in the process, turn the dryer off and change the speeds unintentionally. I will get used to that. So My hair ws dry in like 1/2 the time, and it was not "frizzizled" by the extreme heat. The power of that thing is awesome. And it is red. Can a hairdryer BE and sexier? Nope.

So I am happy. Thanks Revlon. My hair thanks you.


Laurie said...

I just had to buy a new dryer too, and I stood there for like ever, trying to figure out which one to get! LOL!

Michelle said...

Revlon hairdryers are the best - I've had mine forever!

[m]att™ said...

WHO is the lady in the picture?

I'm very happy for you and your hairdryer, may you have many years of marital bliss.

dazed said...

Matt... LOL it's a Guy. A hairband guy! RR are his initials, I can't remember his name. Randy something. LOL

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