Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Planes, Trails, and Automobiles (and Greyhound, Amtrak, Gondolas)

We should build lots of canals in the US. I want to travel by boat. Gas prices are too high. I want to row my way over to Vegas or down to Kintucky. this morning I met a greyhound bus that wasn't a greyhound (see the post brand versus generic) and it was going to DENVER! It was in freaking BUREAU COUNTY ILLINOIS! This never happens. {People don't leave here} No buses travel through here unless it's the senior citizen's trip from the bank. And maybe that is what it was. They rented a bus to go to Denver. I didn't look inside to see if it was filled with Seniors.

So that of course got me thinking. Doesn't Every Freaking Little Thing get to me think? I think I overanalyze things I really really do. See, I even overanalyze the fact that I could be overanalyzing things.

So once I was thinking, I realized that we often do not think of all the options we have for getting from one place to the other. We automatically think, We fly or we drive. We don't think "train" and we don't think "go greyhound"- And obviously we don't think we should travel the vast expansion of USA Canals in our pirogues. Is that a sandwich? I know that a gondola is a sandwich too, but isn't a pirogue a sandwich? Hmmm... That makes me think of the sky trams (also gondolas) that we rode up Grouse Mountain when we were in Vancouver. I was so freaking scared on those things. PETRIFIED. Combine my fear of small spaces with my fear of heights, whoa. But After the trip up, I was ready for the trip down and didn't panic so much. But I still didn't make it across the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

SO from now on when I travel I will consider and price ALL the options. And Tina, if you ever move to Italy, I will be there to see you.


Tina said...

It's a distinct possibility, baby! Ian says to let him learn French first, though.

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