Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Things I have done so far today:

Made an appointment for a pedicure
Made an appointment for lab work
Made an appointment for rabies shots for both dogs
Paid 6 bills online
Finished a Powerpoint presentation for a customer, burned to CD
Took a bath
Ate Chicken Salad and Peanut M&M's
Ordered batteries for my pager
Text Messaged PG in Italy asking him to bring me a rock or a wine cork
Sat in the dark without power for 3 hours at home this morning
Received over 100 new legitimate emails
Deleted over 200 spam messages (in addition to the legitimate 100)
Helped over 20 co-workers with their computer problems
Worked for 6 hours at the "day job"
Called Dad and asked him to change my oil this weekend.
Started Seriously thinking about my Longaberger Open House on Monday Feb 13th
Dropped off something at Anya's House before work
Heard good gossip from my mom
Spread the gossip to another friend
Let the Dogs out twice
Fed Boyd his medicine inside a cheese slice
Considered running away.
Considered tanning.
Considered quitting the PCUG
Prepared for the PCUG meeting tonight
Called my husband with a "daily recap"
Bored all my blog readers to death with a list of things I have done today.


Amy said...

OMG - I think you accomplished a million more things than I did... ;o)

Marybeth said...

I feed my dog, Daisy Phenobarbitol in a cheese slice every morning. Gosh...I just had to tell you that.

Kristen said...

Seems like you got a lot done. Add check blog how many times? hehehe

dazed said...

No kidding kristen. I check the blog WAYYYY to much. It's like my lifeline. And Amy, this is what an UNPRODUCTIVE day feels like. I must be wired all ass backwards. Marybeth, my dog loves his cheese meds. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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