Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today I am about to go shopping. For Food. That I can eat. I have a list that looks delicious expensive. I am away from home right now because my Cable and Internet is shut off till Monday because I forgot to pay it not working and I am about to DIE from internet/cable TV withdrawls.... so I had to get to the internet. For some reason I am not even able to get on my neighbor's wireless network right now, so I am super sad. I will probably spend my afternoon war-driving to figure out where I can grab a fix at in my neighborhood doing laundry and dishes. I am pissed at myself the cable company because now I can't watch Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives on Sunday and will have to go somewhere else to watch it.

I just finished a powerpoint presentation for an environmental scientist, and that feels good.

I am glad for all the comments on this crazy diet. Especially the Ricotta thing, that scared the crap out of me. Ricotta with Vanilla or Mocha? What? That seemed bizzarre. And kinda disgusting.

Well the only cheese shop around these parts is already closed for the day, and It's in another town that I would only be able to get to on Saturday (unless I skip work to go on a cheese run).... although HyVee might have a better selection (but it is 45 minutes away.) For breakfast I had 1 slice of turkey and a cup of mint decaf tea. I was afraid to eat. I really am not an egg person- because they make me belch eggs all day, especially if I eat them in the morning, so as I was looking at the south beach book this morning and the only breakfast was eggs... I was very afraid.

Although I liked the stuffed mushrooms idea. And thought maybe I could just eat REAL food for breakfast. instead of eggs. But my whole thing is like WHEN am I going to COOK all these fab dishes? Besides supper. Am I going to have to get up early to eat because I can't have cereal or toast or an english muffin or fruit or flavored yogurt? Ick.

Wish me well in my shopping escapade. I was actually pleased to think of asparagus and mushrooms and cauliflower and tomatoes.... but it seems like alot to eat that for two weeks. Although this morning I discovered (also through Tina's comments) that I can have Chicken BREASTS when before I missed that on the list. SO now I feel safer.

Here we go!


[m]att™ said...

Oh Good dear sweet zombie jebus, eggs are MUCH better than turkey as a breakfast meal.

Do frittatas, they are awesome, full of protein-rich egg, and they are fairly easy to make. Speaking of ease, why don't you just get all your stuff ready and pre-chop, dice and season everything. Then store it in the freezer/fridge, and viola! you have ready-to-go meals and all you ahve to do is actually assemble and cook. This idea may sound easier than it actually would be. hrmm...

Christie said...

if you need help eating healthier I can help- trust me I come from a large Italian family I know how to use my cooking skills hehe. I was once almost a yoga instructor too- so I know how to stay fit and whatever.
Just let me know if you need help.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

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