Friday, February 24, 2006


Friday. Thank you hippy in the sky.

So I love granola. Really I do. Today for lunch I have plans to go to Austin Parker Naturals and see what kinds of "good for me" foods I can buy, and look into buying some granola in bulk, since I love granola in yogurt. Although I haven't read the south beach book yet, so I don't even know if I am supposed to eat granola. Probably not.

That book is looming. It's huge. I would much rather be reading one of my chick lit books. But maybe I can read this book this weekend and get it over with, and then I will be able to continue with what I WANT to read. But Thanks to Cari for letting me borrow it.

Today I have been working on getting things off my chest. Things that have been bothering me. Instead of just worrying about them and wondering how things will turn out, I am actually going to discuss them and try to let go of some of the worry. We will see how that goes.

I am working on getting into the wellness excercise program sponsored by my employer, and also getting back into excercise at home, including yoga which is my favorite, and walking the dogs, and on the treadmill... and probably the Leslie Sansone Walk DVD which is great.

It's all about starting I guess. And then sticking with it. I don't know which part of it is harder... starting or sticking with it.

P.S. Sorry I missed HNT again.... so much going oN!
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