Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Broken Zippers and Black Eyes.

This morning was interesting. I had a few "issues." First, my back hurt like hell. I have arthritis in my lower back. I believe it is the result of a lower back injury and some double whiplash from a car accident about 4 years ago. Arthritis has settled into my lower back. If I take an anti-inflammatory like Nabeumatone, I don't have any pain. But I am convinced that taking an anti-inflammatory from age 25 till the rest of my life would definately kill me or give me some terrible side affects, so I try to deal with it by taking nothing, or the occasional Tylenol arthritis or Excedrin Tension headache. So this morning I took a hot bath to take away the arthritis pain.

Then as I was putting on my dress pants, the zipper "handle" came off them so I am officially zipped into pants that I can't unzip for fear that I will either break them or never get them zipped again without a handy "zipper handle." The friend that hems my pants when I tear the hems out, told me today that she "doesn't do zippers" and I understand. I have put four zippers in before, without issue. I seem to "grasp" the zipper insertion technique without issue, although in Homec I sewed my bear's arms and legs on backwards at least twice before I got them right. So usually I just prefer to pay someone else the $5-10 to get some sweing done than get all thecrap off my sewing machine and make my ass sit down to fix things. But I am starting to feel like I may either a) never unzip these pants again or b) put a replacement zipper in myself. I buy cheap clothes. I outgrow them or spill bleach on them, so no use being expensive. Like these pants cost me $11 each at Dots, but they are my favorites. I bought 4 pair for $34 each at Sears last year (aspostrophe brand) and when I brought them home and washed them, all of the hems came out instantly. I paid $5 per pair to have them hemmed again, because I didn't want to take them back because it's hard for me to find "tall" dress pants without paying a fortune. So I decided that if I have to sew the damn things anyway, they might as well be cheap ass pants.

So after having a pair of pants on that I was stuck in, I tried to put my earrings in and I dropped 3 earrings off the earring angel (don't ask) and when I tried to crawl behind the dresser to get them, (in my black pants, thank god the floor was dust and dog hair free) I caught my browbone on the sharp corner of my jewelry armoire and just about poked my eye out. Instead the bone on the outer corner of my eye caught it. I just about saw stars. Actually, little blue birdies tweeting about my head. Crap. I was waiting for a black eye but haven't seen one yet.

So that was my morning. In a nutshell.



Good Gawd woman!! Sounds like one hell of a not so super morning to me!!! Hope the day goes better!!

[m]att™ said...

That was hilarious, but also sad. I feel your pain.

dazed said...

I know. When I had to pee today I had to wiggle my pants down because I knew if I unsipped them I would never get them up again. LOL

Plunky said...

ok, funny, that i just asked in teh last if you have back probs. your leg thing may be a result of this! Yippee! I wonder if I have solved the mystery ailment?

Anonymous said...

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