Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

I could write 74 posts today. Already. It's insane.

My morning was just fabulous when I heard that my 12 boxes of girl scout cookies were in. $36.00 later I am holed up with a box that has 12 boxes of various cookies. Although 5 are just for others because they are varieties that I don't like. But the peanut butter patties, lemon pastry cremes, peanut butter sandwiches, and shortbreads are ALL MINE baby!

I went to sleep at 12:30 last night and at 2:30 I was wide wide wide awake. I finally got back to sleep at 4:30, after I decided that if I was still awake at 5am I was going to work. Then I got up at 9am and of course it had been sleeting so there were plow trucks out and all kinds of scuttlebutt about the weather. Well after I had gotten my hair dry and some pants on, I was gawking (toplessly) out the window and it got REALLY REALLY dark and Green like tornado weather. It was 9:30am and dark as night and the trees started blowing and it was freaky. They looked like the top branches would snap off. I was freaked and husband told me to turn on the weather radio and I did and by the time I got the weather it was calm just like that. Then it started torential downpouring. And that went on for about an hour. Fab.

So on my way to work, I was trying to decide if it would suck to be a cow in the rain or if it would be liberating. The lack of clothing, the lack of responsibility, rolling in the mud. It would be like Woodstock every day. Then on route 6 there was a German Shepherd walking right down the middle of the highway, between Wyanet and Princeton. I pulled up behind him and the Dog turned around and looked at me, and then watched me drive by, mildly uninterested, and then started on his way again, still down the center of the road. My mind was aflurry of what I could do to help. open the door and let him into the passenger seat? Yes, I would do that. If I weren't on my way to work I would open the door and let a soaking wet strange german shepherd in my car. That will tell you how I feel about dogs. Besides, who wants to walk in the rain?

So, back to my cookies. What will I do for HNT?? Hmmm.... I will have to think a while on that. Check back tonight.


Jackson said...

I love girl scout cookies, the macaroons or whatever they are. Nasty weather over here same thing green windy rain thunder and lightning. I love HNT

Anonymous said...

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