Friday, February 10, 2006

Cancelled? How can they DO that?!

So I am a little angry. For several weeks now I have been trying to figure out what happened to Reunion on fox Thursday nights (8 central)

I was an avid watcher and had Tivo'd every episode and was excited about that show. First of all it had a FABULOUS cast and was like a nighttime soap opera that I was loving.

Suddenly it just disappeared. I was worried that they had moved it to a different night (like Earl) and I was confused that my TIVO wasn't picking it up- although that wouldn't make much sense, since I had a series recording setup.

So I keep telling myself to look around online and find out when it is coming back, and finally, TODAY I got my brain working straight and decided to look it up. OH MY GOD.

They cancelled it. Those fucking fox BASTARDS! OHHH I am so angry. How do you cancel a suspenseful show with no warning, and no ending. What a crock of shit.

I did find out HERE what the "ending" was supposed to be , which I totally did NOT see coming, so if you want to know details, check it out. It is still listed on Fox's website as 8 central on Thursdays but it hasn't been on for probably 2 months. And they officially list is as a cancelled show on Fox's website HERE and mention that all the actors have moved onto other projects so no matter how much people BITCH it won't come back.

Fox, if you didn't have Family Guy, Simpsons, and The O.C., I would boycott your ass.


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[m]att™ said...

You'll live !

I thought I was going to DIE when the cancelled "Sex and the City", but look at me now, I'm healthy and never ended up having a full heart-attack over the issue.

Also, Fox is evil, they represent all that is bad in this world. Except the Simpsons, they rock.

[m]att™ said...

Also, Family Guy rock. I don't like the O.C. but i think I'm the only person under 40 who doesn't like that show.

dazed said...

Matt you DO know I exist. Hmmm... I love Family Guy. I tivo the reruns. Stewie is AWESOME. And of course Brian. We have a sign on our fridge with Stewie on it, and it says "I like you. When the world is mine, your death will be quick and painless!"

Thanks for popping in and COMMENTING!

Kristen said...

I have actually never heard of it... And, I'm usually pretty good with TC shows...

Anonymous said...

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