Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Party Was a Bust.

Well, the party was kinda a bust. Only 4 people came, plus the consultant. This was very disappointing to me. My scrapbooking and stamping parties usually have 10-14 in attendance and have always been $1000-1200 shows, and my Girls Night Out (Sex Toy) party last year was so huge that it reached $1200 and we had a GREAT time. I had coolers with alcohol around the room. One girl threw up but besides that it was a great party. So this was fairly tame for me. I did open a bottle of wine, and I put a second in the freezer (bad wine action, I know) and then I forgot about it and the cork about popped out on it's own. But I did drink 3/4 of the first bottle all by myself because no one else wanted alcohol. I had varieties of chocolate cheesecake, Taco Dip, Spinach Dip, Cheese and Crackers, veggies and olives and ranch dip, sprite, coke, water, and wine. That's what I had for supper. At about 11, and 3 glasses of wine later, I was ready for bed and I slept like a ROCK. Yeah! So Matt was right on with the "just one more glass" thing.

I did get three orders, and I had two outside orders, and I have five people who still want to see a catalog. So if anyone out there needs any Longaberger.... Now would be the time! Puh-Lease? LOL. Shameless promotion.

So the house is sparkling and the fridge is full of food. It's Valentine's day and I actually want to invite people over for snacks and drinks. But who knows if that is even possible. Will husband be mad at that? who knows.

I lost the back off of one of my brand new diamond earrings. I actually was having problems with it. They have those special backs that you push on but that won't come off unless you "unscrew" them. Well, the one that I had in my right ear was always just falling right off, as in worse than a regular earring. In the middle of the night I would wake up with something poking my boob and I would be lying on the earring back. Damn! Then last night when I was waiting for guests to arrive, I felt to see if the backs were on tight (new habit) and the right one had no back on it. But the earring was still there. Fucking Zales! So I need to call there and take them back. Hopefully they will exchange them without a hassle.


Need some Longaberger?


Kristen said...

Wait back up. You sell sex toys. Elaborate please. :)

dazed said...

Oh I don't sell them. I just had a sex toy party (as a hostess last year.) had a $1200 show and earned just about everything in the catalog. The brand was Girls Night Out, although I also have been to and purchased from "Just for Women" and once a while ago "Surprise Parties"

Please feel free to email me for any more details or product questions/reviews. LOL.


[m]att™ said...

What were you selling at this particular party ?

I'm sooo terribly sorry to hear that your party was a bust. I should start throwing some of these parties. I've always wanted to have a sex-toy party, but somehow I doubt my mom would let me use the house for such an occainsion. Hrm, well I'll have to think of alternative money-making schemes.

Hope your next party is better, good to know you took my alcohol advice to heart. Wine heals all!

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