Thursday, February 02, 2006

That's Mrs. Johnson to you!

I still crack up whenever someone calls me Mrs. Johnson. Ha ha! She's old! Mrs. Johnson is old! I'm not Mrs. Johnson! I'm not old! Wait- am I? Shit. When did that happen?

It cracks me up it really does. I have pretty much gotten over having a new last name and all, it was surprisingly easy. Before we got married I thought it would be so hard to let go of my old name. I toyed with the idea of keeping it, hyphenating, whatever. I was slightly attached. I mean I HAD that name for 26 years, and I was going to just toss it away, into the gutter? It didn't seem right! A Slam to my father!

But then I knew that "legally" blah blah blah I would have to write my name with a hyphen (everyone told me I would have to like it was a big freaking deal and people like wouldn't cash checks if my name wasn't all legally signed- but I know that is a load of crap because you could write a check to bugs bunny and date it February 32nd, 2037 and they would cash it around these parts. I NEVER post date a check unless I write the date in RED SHARPIE MARKER because banks around these parts NEVER check those things and I have learned the hard way. They'd even cash a check that isn't signed. For real.)

What really got me? My workplace started making people use their fully hyphenated names and I was like fuck that! No way. So anyway, now that I have probably given away a top secret workplace operations code information and will be fired....


IzzyMom said...

"you could write a check to bugs bunny and date it February 32nd, 2037"

This made me laugh out loud. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »

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