Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tie me up and paint my toes

Last night/this morning I had a crazy dream that I only remembered a few minutes ago... although I was recalling it this morning while putting on mascara.

I was with an ex boyfriend. Not a "real" ex as in a person I know, but a fake guy in a dream who was my ex (only in the dream, not in real life) and he wanted me back. I was not married in the dream, but I must have been with Evan. I remember that he was going to try to win me over and I just kept saying "no no no no no."

He got the brilliant idea to try to win me over. He said he was going to paint my toes. Okay, that sent me into a total panic. I had JUST gotten a pedicure, complete with french tips (in real life too) and he was going to paint (messily) over them. Oh I was so angry. I was like SCREAMING "NO! I don't want you to paint my toes" and he was just smiling and saying "but I want to, really, just let me" and I was freaking out trying to kick out at him.... except that I was tied up. Even my ankles were tied. So he just kept putting this shimmery purple polish all over and t was going all over my toes, not just on my toenails, and he just kept grinning like a freaking madman. Yep.... you heard it here first.

Tied up by my fictitious ex boyfriend who wanted to paint my toenails and in the process ruin my beautiful pedicure. But he didn't realize that he was ruining it, he thought he was doing like a good thing and that I would be appreciative and take him back. Did I mention he looked surprisingly like Heath Ledger in his longer hair days?

My poor toes.


feetman78 said...

Very interesting. I have to post a link to this

feetman78 said...

I did.

SmileDragon said...

What a strange dream. Cute toes!

Anonymous said...

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