Monday, February 27, 2006

Honeymoon/Wedding Photos Are Posted!

Yeee! I am on a ROLL today! I have uploaded all of our "honeymoon/wedding" pictures to Flickr.

Let me begin by saying that I haven't posted any of these yet.... These are all new ones. There are 391 total photos organized into 14 separate albums. So go check them out when you have "un momento" por favor.... Of course for all you flickr veterans, you know what to do. For you family members and friends who aren't so flickr savvy, you can view each photo album as a slideshow and control the speed of the slideshow as well. Oh and for those of you who don't know how to GET to flicker, you can click on my photobadge over in my sidebar, or visit my flickr at My photo albums are seen going down the left side of the page.

So these are photos of our entire honeymoon (no editing, the whole she-bang) and then some photos that were of our wedding day, that Evan and I took ourselves (you can find the professional photos of the wedding on my website... If you haven't seen them , you should take a look, Chris and Lynn Jaksa did a FABULOUS job.) AND there are also pictures of our flight home, pictures from the Setup for the Reception, and Pictures from the "gift opening" the day after the reception.

The only thing left to post is the reception pictures and I anticipate doing that soon (really, for real) but I am "posted out" for the day.

Enjoy! Leave Comments! Be Merry! I think that you will all be astounded at what a beautiful place Vancouver is. I can't tell you how many times people would look at us like aliens when we said we were going to (or went to) Vancouver to get married. But once they saw the photos, they gushed and oohed and aahed.... So the photos speak for themselves!

: Ciao!


[m]att™ said...

Is that, by any chance, Vancouver ?

It looks a lot like it.

dazed said...

Yes Matt, it is Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

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