Wednesday, February 08, 2006


This morning:

Dropped off a prescription at my drugstore
Bought 24 stamps at the post office
Saw an 80 year old woman walking down main street carrying this purse.
Mailed 3 bills and 21 shower invites for Carrie's Shower Feb 19th at my house
Ordered Husband a fabulous Valentine
RSVP'd for another baby shower
Had blood drawn and was stuck in the back of both hands but was very brave
Circulated Longaberger Books for my show on Monday the 13th
Ate lunch at McDonald's for the first time since sometime before THIS post.
Worked 4 hours (first half of day)

Isn't it strange how you can get like 15 things happening on one weekend? When Carrie let me know that she would be coming to Illinois in February, I was excited, and the first thing I did was clear that entire weekend on my calendar. I wrote her name all over it. I planned everything around it. Since I cleared my calendar I have had invites to 4 other events on the 18th alone. So on the the 18th, I will be going to a 9am shoebox card kit class, followed by placing my order at a Stampin Up Open house that I can't stay for and will miss the make and takes. Then I also got invited to a baby shower for SH, which I really wanted to go to, but just can NOT fit it in, and then I will go home and prepare for Carrie's Shower the following day at my house. So in one weekend it will be like a whirlwind. I am excited about it. Not really stressed at all.

Tomorrow night I have a scrapbook class with a 2-page Valentine's Day Layout. I love Valentine's Day. Unfortunately I have about 500 thousand (okay FOUR) Valentine Layouts completed at home already but never have a photo to put in them. So they just sit there.
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