Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vote: Work Appropriate? HNT!

Looks like we are kinda back to lurking. It's been quiet around here since the foam party post.
I know that my life hasn't been very exciting! Let's see if we can bring in more readers.... hmmm. How would we do that? Oh yes! HNT! and a POLL! Voting!

I can't wait till Friday, this week I am going to go to the mall Friday night for a MEAGAN night. Get my ring cleaned, shop the clearance sweaters at CJBanks and Fashion Bug.... I need some new tops for work and clearance is the way to go! Saturday morning I have a pediucre at 8:15am (Yowza!) to use my Gift Certificate that Brenda got me for Christmas. I have been trying to not touch my toes since my last pedicure, and now all the polish is off. Except my big toes. Considering that I have my fetish of "toenails must be painted" I am doing really well with not touching them. I am holding out to get a french pediure, last time I had pretty dark purple toes for Christmas. Enough about my toes.

let's talk about my heel. For some reason in the shower this morning, I felt the stinging of a little scrape on the back of my heel, like where a shopping cart would get you. Strange because I didn't have one when I went to sleep. But I did sleep for 13 hours and so there is a chance that I injured myself during that time, like maybe on a sharp pillow or something? WTF?

So I wore a cute shirt to work today, that after second thought, I probably shouldn't have. I have a cute sweater over it of course, but I suppose most people would say it is either too sexy, or too resembling lingerie, or perhaps a combination of both. But it's sooo cute! It's lavendar and it has a lacy black overlay and it's cut like a tank top of camisole top but with a triangle top instead of a scoop neck. There is little black trim along the edges like rick rack and it is kinda floaty and baby-doll like at the bottom, nd it falls right at the hip. I have a long black sweater over it, the kind that is like a cardigan but has the loopy fringe at the sleeve ends and around the collar and cardigan openings. It is SOOOO cute. But Just possibly too cute for work. I don't know. I guess it depends on how hip you are. And most CEO's are not the hippest. I should take a picture for the blog of the shirt and take votes. Although the only camera I have at the moment is on my cell phone and I still haven't figured out how to get that to my blog. I have tons of pics on there that need to go to my blog. Bummer.

Update: Okay, got the camera phone picture sent to my email address. Of course the camera puts them in some freakish .bin format which was a royal pain in my ass. Photoshop, Picture It, and Fireworks all couldn't open that little fucker. I finally got it converted to a bmp by opening it in HTML and saving the picture out of IE... then I had to convert the bmp to jpg in Photoshop so blogger would take it. So- Let's take a vote. Now granted, this is not like a full length picture. However, my arms are not long enough to get that far away from my body to take my own camera phone pic. So please, vote. Would you wear this to work? If you piss me off too much I will probably delete your comment, I do have that power. I don't even know why I am subjecting myself to this. Oh well.



Inappropriate Update:
I went to lunch. Now this sweater has two hooks. If I hook them, the cleavage is completely covered. And I am safe. At work. Or out in the cold. So at lunch I went to my favorite little cafe to have a cappachino chiller and a turkey sandwich. When I walked in I saw three men and one woman, all in suits. And one of those men.... Holy cow Hot. (sorry husband, you know I love you and think you are hot too, but this guy was hot.) I mean like Perfect suit, nice tie, dark hair, studious glasses, probably 30.... I am talking Move over younger Dean Cain as superman because this guy is a fox. So I did a little experiment. When I came in he bareley even glanced at me. So I ordered my food. No glance. Nothing. So I unhooked those sweater hooks. And I waited for my food. And when it was ready, I had to walk past him. Holy-Hello-Eyes on my cleavage. I. totally. had. his. attention. Totally. Not only did he look at my chest as I was walking, but again as I held open the door for someone, and AGAIN through the window of the shop as I walked past him on my way to the car. Deal was, he had his eyes stuck to my chest so strongly that he never even NOTICED that I might be watching him do it. Ha ha. It was great. It's like I had a magnet on my chest. He would look down at his food for like a tenth of a second, like maybe it wouldn't look like he was staring, and then his eyes would snap right back at my chest. Moral of the story? Well there are two of them. Number 1, this outfit (when unbuttoned) is amazingly and gloriously inappropriate (the picture doesn't even begin to do justice, as it is not three dimensional). Number 2, I'VE STILL GOT IT! Whoo-Hooooooo!


pamperedjenn said...

I would wear that to work and I work in an office.

Jackson said...

I see nothing wrong wit it. I have see a lot worse

PCinAZ said...

I will be the lone dissent here--probably because I am "old" at 41 and was a medical office manager for many years--but would not wear that in an office. It is very pretty though. Would be great in a retail environment like a clothing store, perfume store, makeup store. :)

Please don't delete me just because I am old! ha ha

MamaKBear said...

That is cute as hell! Dunno about wearing it to work though, I guess it would depend on the work environment. Wear it and see what happens!

Makes an excellent HNT pic! Happy HNT! :)


I don't work so I say wear it to work!!!!!! LOL! Very cute! AND nice to meet you Mrs Cleaver-age! HeHe!

Crimson said...

It's very pretty :) I don't work either, so I'd love to wear it around the house! HHNT!

KatieFeldmom said...

Cool effects!
Happy HNT!

IzzyMom said...

High five to still having IT!

Tina said...

I really like the top...color is lovely and it's so delicate.

Anonymous said...

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