Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trailer Party on Stilts

Every time I remember one of my freaky dreams, I like to document it here. Apparently none of you give a shit because there are never any comments on those posts. Either that, or you are rendered speechless. Not sure. But I like the idea of having these dreams documented, and since this is my blog and not yours, I will continue. Feel free to skip this post if you find it annoying. But I am warning you, this was another good one.

Well, you know those toppers that go on the back of trucks, and I mean the ones that look alot like campers, or auction toppers for auctioneer trucks? Okay. Well we had one of those. On stilts, in the sky. Yes. In the sky. And there were stairs to get into it from the back (like where the door would be on the topper, there was a door, by where the tailgate of the truck would go. ) Now obviously if you put one of those toppers on the truck there are no sides and bottoms, just the truck bed. But ours had sides and a bottom.

It was mounted on a giant pole along this one road. I know exactly the road's location, but I can't describe it to anyone who didn't grow up with me. But for those of you who did, this road was about a country block from my parents house. There is of course the "hideaway" place with summer trailers and homes that is on brickyard blacktop just south of the feeder canal around the "corner" from my great grandma's house and the edge of our farm property. Right there in front of the hideaway, the brickyard blacktop meets up with the road that winds around in front of David Jensen's House, and in front of the house where Dan Rasmussen grew up and where Roger and Tammy lived a few years back.

Where those two roads meet, there are a few triangles formed between the roads. In one of those grass triangles, we had this trailer on stilts. It had lots of windows, the kind that you can slide open like the ones in campers and on school buses, but they had screens. So for some reason, it was nighttime. I think it was the late 70's, even though I was born in 1978. We were having a party up in the trailer on stilts, overlooking the triangles, and one particular triangle that we were overlooking, was a pond. Except that I had the distinct feeling that it was more like a flooded marsh, like we had too much rain that year. There had never been a pond there before, and you could see the weeds and cattails sticking through it.

Well, there were people's cars on the ground and they were parked all over, there were parties in the trailer, and parties on the ground. Think "moontower" in dazed and confused. There was beer and it was spring, we had on jeans and maybe sweatshirts or light jackets. We had the windows open on the trailer. There was this hippy that was all wasted and he got the brilliant idea to drive his navy blue 70's cadillac (think two door eldorado or Coupe de ville, circa 1976) into the "marsh/pond" and do donuts all over. We were all screaming and whooping and yelling as he spun around and threw up mud and I remember saying to the person next to me "this is crazy, that is a nice car! It's a CADILLAC and he is going to trash it!" and next thing you know.... he gets stuck in the mud, and the cadillac SINKS!

It IS a pond. It's awfully deep where his car got sucked in. So the hippy, he gets out through the window and sloshes through the mud to dry ground, and the whole time the trailer is screaming and laughing and people are clapping and that hippy gets SOOOO pissed at us that he comes up the stairs of the trailer. He's like "that's not funny man! My car is ruined man! This is so not cool!" and he is pissed (as pissed as a stoned hippy can get) that we are laughing and clapping at him.

Well then he leaves (probably to get some weed to smoke so he can forget about his car) and then this HUGE guy that we know decides to join the party in the trailer. Whoa. So as he is climbing up the stairs, the trailer starts swaying back and forth on the pole and I am like "Dude this is not cool, you can not come up here!" and he says "sure I can" and the trailer is swaying and I am like "this isn't safe, I need to get on the ground before the trailer falls off this pole!" But this guy is like weighing over 300 pounds and taking up the whole width of the doorway and the stairs and I can't get out.

Then I wake up.


[m]att™ said...

Hrm, have you ever considered buying one of those books that help you analyse your dreams ?
some of them are crocks, but some are very useful tools. I get the distinct impression that your dream here was trying to tell you something. There was lots of symbolism in that dream.

My dreams are all symbols though, and not in a coherent (sp?), normal sort of scenario like your dream was. My dreams are like swimming in an abstract sort of painting, and usually they are quite scary at the time.

P.S. Tell your subconcious that I really liked the "Hippie Man" character.

dazed said...

My subconscious is very active I tell you. It was strange, because for the longest time I wasn't dreaming. But my mind wsa so overwhelmed with things and I wasn't getting enough sleep. Now that I have been cutting back, I have been sleeping better and started dreaming regularly. It's great.

Anonymous said...

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