Sunday, February 05, 2006

Puddle Jumping, Mountain Climbing, and Bicycling. Today. I am SOOO Active.

Ummm.... I got some shoes. And Before you ask, yes, I will post every time I get new shoes. New Shoes deserve their own post. It's a given

I ordered them from LLBean, my quite possibly favorite catalog for things that are of amazing quality and last forever, specifically Boat and Tote Bags with my name and/or initials on them, and Luggage and Duffel bags that even those jokers at American Airlines can't destroy.

They are celadon green (I know, you already think they kick ass) and SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT and SUPER AIRY as in the sides are mesh and they are see through if you hold look from the inside out. AND they have toggle laces instead of regular "I came untied for the 456th time today and what are YOU going to do about it" laces.

Today I was rambling around the house in my athletic pants and Red Dog t-shirt with my uncombed hair up in a clip and I thought "I must try on my new shoes" and I got them out of the box and I was INSPIRED by them. I felt like Climbing rocks or pouncing through rocky mountain streams (the streams are rocky, but not necessarily located in the Rocky Mountains, are you with me?) and perhaps taking a hike with some trail mix and beef jerkey, or walking the dogs through a forest. But instead I put them on and lay in bed and stuck my feet up in the air and pretended I was pedaling a bicycle. Ohhh.. Lightweight. Sporty. Comfortable! My feet were so cool and pleased with these new shoes. I took some pictures. Oh and did I mention only $29.00 and they also come in slip ons with no laces? Yum! Husband wanders into our room (he saw me with the shoes on and thought I was GOING somewhere (ha, how ironic) and then he sees me lying in bed with my new shoes on and he said "what are you doing?" and I *sheepishly* "um. Nothing." Should I mention the rock climbing and stream jumping? No.


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