Friday, February 03, 2006

Chain Link Fence Dream

So last night I dreamed that we were at a park somewhere, in the summer, at like a festival. There was a park shelter on a hill, which made me think it might have been Walnut. Well anyway, there were like HUNDREDS of people there and it started to get darker and kinds rainy looking and ominous. I said "we had better go" to no one in particular and started walking down the hill to the car, when the tornado siren started going off. So I decided to go inside a utility building, like a morton building, which was the only shelter around. Except when we got inside, there was like no building in there, just a chain link fence that made like the sides of the buildings, so we kneeled down behind the building inside and along the chain link fence. I remember thinking how stupid it was because Like a chain link fence is going to protect us, but then I stood up and I saw the tornado out in the country like between Manlius and Walnut and heading straight towards the town. Great.

So we were all huddled down and then next thing I know my friend Heather and her sister Autumn showed up and were laughing. They said "you can come out now, everyone is leaving" and I was like "Heather, look" and I pointed at the tornado, and she was like HOLY SHIT and she and Autumn kneeled down along the chain link fence too. Then I woke up. WTF?

Did I ever mention that tornados are one of my biggest fears. Probably my whole life. It is the only thing I have ever seen my dad even look remotely disturbed by, and I am usually home alone when they show up. Two years ago I took the dogs to the basement and hid in my craft room under a large table, and the next day at the bar I got to see a video taken by a friend of 6 smaller tornados circling our town, and one of them landed in the field that is IN MY BACKYARD. And the thing is that they tornadoes were gone before the town's sirens even went off. The filmer was out in the country and he said he was freaking out because everyone he knew was in that town and the tornadoes were everywhere but there were no warning sirens.

Oh and while looking online for tornado pics for this post, I read this:

"During a storm, avoid the following: large trees, hilltops and high places, chain link fences, other metal fences, motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, small metal sheds, bicycles, tractors and farm equipment that does not have an enclosed metal cab."


Hollow said...

I have never seen a tornado but the always appear in my dreams.

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